How will my transcript be evaluated by a graduate school?

Generally, the people evaluating transcripts for entry into a graduate school are frontline faculty members, just like those you have encountered in your classes as an undergraduate.  They will be particularly interested in your performance in courses relevant to the discipline to which you are applying, probably far more than the overall GPA.  They will also be looking for trends in your academic performance:  a student who starts out weakly in first year but who ends up as an A student at the end of their undergraduate career may be viewed more favourably compared to a student with a more consistent, but ultimately less impressive, record.  The courses you choose will also be important:  what electives you choose to complement your discipline are critical to showing that you are intellectually mature and prepared to do graduate work.  Remember that your reference letters and any previous research experience are likely to be considered to be at least as important as your overall grades.  You should contact the appropriate admissions officer or the appropriate graduate school website if you have questions about your academic eligibility.