Appeal Documentation Chart

Appeal Type Letter
from Professional
Instructor Support Undergraduate
Chair Support
Late Course Add
yes, in many cases
yes yes
Late Course Drop
yes no no optional
AG Request yes yes no optional
CR Request yes yes no optional
IN Extension Request yes yes no optional
Re-Read no no no optional
Request for LOP in 3rd or 4th year yes no yes optional
Waive RTW1 yes no no  optional
Waive RTW3 yes no no  optional
Return after RTW3 Lapsed optional no no**  optional
Waive 21-day Appeal Deadline yes no no  optional

*Other documentation may be in the form of email correspondence, computer documents, SOLUS activity reports, travel tickets, or anything to confirm facts and timelines presented in the appeal letter.

**If you are returning to studies after a Requirement to Withdraw for 3 years and wish to resume studies in the the academic Plan in which you were previously registered, the Faculty Office will seek approval from the Undergraduate Chair for entrance back into that Plan upon receiving your Return to Studies Form.