Appeal for Extensions of Incomplete Grades

If I’m appealing for an extension of an incomplete grade, what should I submit for documentation?

You will need to submit some documentation to confirm the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from completing the outstanding work within the extended deadline.  You will also need to provide confirmation from your instructor that he or she is agreeable to a further extension and to what date.

It is past 21-days since my course finished but I had an IN grade.  Do I have to appeal to have my appeal heard late? 

If you were assigned an incomplete grade in a course then that course is still considered to be active until the final grade is assigned or the IN expires.  You have 21-days to appeal after that time.

When do incomplete grades expire?

IN grades expire at the end of the following term.  For example, if you received an incomplete grade in a fall term course, the IN would expire at the end of the following winter term.