Requirement to Withdraw Appeals

I appealed to waive a requirement to withdraw and it was granted.  What is my current academic status? 

See Return to Studies after a Requirement to Withdraw.

What is an academic plan?


Why is it important to include an academic plan in my appeal?

A strong academic plan can increase your chances for a successful appeal.  See:

How detailed should my academic plan be?

A strong academic plan is detailed, specific and realistic.  It should address all of the key questions and contain all the essential components.  See:   

Can I appeal to waive a requirement to withdraw and drop courses past the academic deadline in the same appeal? 

Yes. If the appeal is granted and the courses are dropped, it could result in the Requirement to Withdraw ruling being removed altogether if it no longer applies.

I have submitted my appeal requesting to waive the requirement to withdraw but I haven't received a decision yet.  Should I register for courses in July/August or not?

Provided that you submitted your appeal within the deadline indicated on your notification letter, you will be permitted to register in courses for the following year, pending the decision on your appeal.