Volunteer Peer Advisor
P.A.S.S. Office

Hi froshies!

In my first year, I was confused, to say the least. I had just left home for the very first time, leaving my sheltered life on another continent, to attend university in Canada. Aside from the culture shock, the frigid climate, and a three-month bout of bronchitis, I was uncertain about my academic future. Countless hours of research into various arts and science programs (and a few courses of antibiotics later), I decided to major in Psychology—a decision I have never regretted! Now, my undergraduate journey has now almost come to an end, as I am entering my final year. In addition to being a peer advisor, I will also be doing an honors thesis in Psychology, applying to graduate programs in clinical psychology, and volunteering at Providence Care’s Mental Health Site.

My goal as a peer advisor is to guide those who are struggling with the stresses of first year. If you want to talk about choosing courses or a major, or if you need information about the psychology program at Queen’s, I’m your person.  I would also be happy to chat with anyone about adjusting to university life in general…or The Bachelor!