How To Apply: On-Campus Studies

Full Time

  1. Applications are open between 1 February and 1 June.  As applications will be considered on an on-going basis, students are encouraged to apply early.
  2. Visit the Admissions website to review details of the admission regulations.
  3. Full time students apply through OUAC: visit the Ontario Universities Application Centre and complete OUAC Form 105: 
    1. Choose 105D (if applying from within Canada or you are outside Canada and are a Canadian citizen/landed immigrant) or 105F (if you are outside Canada and are the citizen of another country).
    2. Login (or create a userid if you have not been on OUAC before).
    3. Choose “Add a new program” (small box near the top left of screen) and then browse by University, choosing Queen’s. 
    4. Once you are on the Queen’s page, look for “Upper Year Entry Programs” and choose the degree (Arts, Science, etc.).  If you’re unsure which to choose, use the OUAC code listed on the Available Programs page as a guide.
    5. From the drop-down menu, choose the subject (Major) that you intend to study (skip this step if you are choosing the BFA/Visual Art (QTQ) or BMus (QMQ) degree).
    6. Continue through the application, filling in all the applicable personal information, until you reach the “Submit” stage.
    7. Fill in the application fee details, and you’re done.  For students choosing the BFA or BMus, you will be contacted by Queen’s with details on how to submit your portfolio or attend an audition.

Part Time

  1. Applications are always open, but we recommend that you apply between March and June to ensure a September start date.
  2. Part time students apply directly through Queen’s. Visit the Admissions website to review details of the admission regulations.
  3. Print and fill out the form available at this link and send it to Undergraduate Admissions with the application fee (full instructions on the form).