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October 2010

Researchers receive $16.6 million to boost automotive software quality

Three Queen’s researchers and collaborators at seven other Canadian universities have received $16.6 million over five years for research supporting automobile software systems.

Attracting more women to the world of computing

KINGSTON, ON – This week, Queen’s University’s School of Computing will host the Ontario Celebration of Women in Computing. The first in Canada held under the U.S. Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) umbrella, it brings together students, faculty, and professionals from around the province.

Pathogen Detection Systems: A Tech Transfer Story

Q-CHeM CHRONICLES - Ten years ago, the Walkerton tragedy shocked Canadians into a whole new level of awareness of drinking water quality. In the wake of this event, Stephen Brown’s research group set about developing a new technology for detecting bacteria in water. In a classic story of serendipity, they had already been working on fibre-optic sensors for detecting aromatic compounds as part of a study of impacts of contaminants on fish.