News & Events

February 2014

Join the Faculty of Arts and Science for four events during the March Break Open House

Departmental Fair: meet with faculty, staff, and students from 5 Schools and 22 Departments, Undergraduate Admissions Office, Graduate School, Law School, Medical School, Faculty of Education, and the International Programs Office. The departmental fair will be held from 10 am to 2 pm at Grant Hall. 

Lectures: we invite you to attend an interactive lecture:

March Break Open House Event

The Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen's would like to invite March Break Open House attendees to join us for an interactive Psychology 100 lab:

Don't Spill Your Drink!
11 am-­noon or 1­2-1pm
School of Medicine, New Medical Building, Room 132A

What's so special about Ellis Hall?

The Ellis Hall active learning classrooms opened to students and instructors in January. Each of the three renovated classrooms offers unique configurations and technology that allow instructors to employ different teaching and learning strategies. Mark Kerr, Senior Communications Officer, visited a few classes early in January to observe how the spaces are impacting teaching and learning.