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When you earn your credits from one of Canada’s most distinguished universities, you don’t need to explain your credentials. Queen’s is regularly listed by Maclean’s magazine as one of the top five universities in Canada. Moreover, Queen’s has been offering distance courses since 1889, making it the longest-running distance education program in the country.

People who take Queen’s Arts and Science online courses get the same course—depth, quality, prof-student contact, interactivity—as people taking on-campus courses. Our graduates earn the same Queen’s degree as on-campus graduates.

Even more important, all Queen’s Arts and Science online courses are taught by Queen's faculty. You’ll have regular contact with your prof, as well as with the other students in your class. Our faculty deliver proven education, pioneering and innovating in online teaching methods for years.

Each year, more than 4000 full-time, part-time and visiting students from Ontario, across Canada and around the world take Queen's courses through CDS.

  • As a full-time Queen’s student you can avoid scheduling conflicts by taking online courses in the academic year or you can accelerate your degree by taking courses in spring-summer
  • As a visiting student from another university you can catch-up or get a head start on the next academic year
  • As an interest or part-time student you can work toward a Queen’s BA degree from your home

CDS is dedicated to helping students achieve their learning goals. Learn more about Continuing and Distance Studies.

"While considering the options to get ahead in my studies, I came across the large selection of online courses available through Queen's Continuing and Distance Studies. An online course offered me the flexibility to continue working over the summer while pursuing subject matter that was interesting to me. Having taken two online courses to date, I can attest to the level of interactivity that professors maintain with their students. I found that the ability to complete coursework at my own pace and discuss concepts with my peers in an online environment contributed to a positive learning experience." ~Alexander Carbone Queen's Class of 2016, Commerce


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Phone: +1 (613) 533-3322

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

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Summer Term Class Selection

Summer Term is organized into three sessions:  May-June; May-July and July-August.  For a list of the courses being offered in each session, please visit the CDS website.

Some Important Information about Summer Term

  • Due to the condensed time-frame of the Summer term, students are advised to take no more than two courses. Two courses during the Summer term is considered equivalent to a full-time load.
  • Students in good standing taking more than 2 courses should closely monitor their ability to keep up with the assigned readings, to complete assignments on time, and to achieve a satisfactory academic standing in each course.
  • Students on probation, with a number of previous failures or with outstanding work from a previous term should not exceed this course load.
  • Students should be aware of the established deadlines for dropping courses without academic penalty and are expected to drop courses, if necessary, before deadlines. Taking more than 2 courses per term does not constitute sufficient grounds for an academic appeal to drop courses after the deadline.

Summer Term Class Selection Procedure:

Step 1:  Access SOLUS through MyQueen’s to register in Summer Term courses

In order to register in Summer Term courses you must have a NetID and password so that you may log in to MyQueen's Portal  If you have not activated your NetID please access  http://www.queensu.ca/its/managemyprofile.html and click on “Activate your NetID” under the Students tab.

HINT:  When searching for a class on SOLUS, be sure to set the "Term" to Summer of the current year and change the "Course Career" from Undergraduate to 'Distance'.

NOTE:  You must clear any outstanding debts to the University prior to registering in Summer Term courses.

Step 2:  Make your Tuition Payment by the deadline.  View the CDS website for a list of Important dates.

For information on how you can pay your tuition, please visit the Office of the University Registrar

Step 3:  Access your course materials

Your course syllabus, which you may access at http://www.queensu.ca/artsci_online/, will contain all of the information you need to begin your course.  In your course syllabus you will find information about the grading scheme;text books as well as information on accessing course materials.

Students who have stopped out for a term or more:  If you have been away from Queen’s for one term or more you must complete a Return to Studies Form in order to resume your studies.  Once completed the form may be faxed to (613) 533-2467 or dropped off at our office located on the First Floor of Dunning Hall.

Important Information about CHEM 285

This class:

  •  is intended primarily for students in the biological sciences and for those considering pursuing careers in the health sciences/medical sector
  •  may be used by Queen's students towards the plan requirements of programs in Biology and in the BSC General Life Sciences
  •  should not be taken by Queen's students in chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering/engineering chemistry or in the BSCH Life Sciences Major or Specialization plans. 
  •  with successful completion of CHEM 282 wet lab in Jan-April 2014, may be taken and used as a credit for CHEM 282/3.0. 
  •  Email (ugadm@chem.queensu.ca) in the Chemistry Department for permission.

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