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Curriculum Committee

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is the final appeal in the Faculty of Arts and Science for students' appeals of incomplete grades, final grades, requirements to withdraw and other decisions determined by the Associate Dean (Studies).

Who is on the Board?

The Board membership consists of

  • three students
  • nine faculty members from a cross-section of Arts and Science departments

All Board hearings shall be heard by four members, one of whom in normally a student. Members who are close to the case, or for other reasons need to declare a conflict of interest, will not be in attendance.

  • a secretary to the Board and
  • an informational officer from the Arts and Science Student Services Office.

The Associate Dean (Studies) is not a member of the Board but will attend when a student chooses to appear before the Board. The Associate Dean (Studies) is there to clarify specific aspects of his or her decision and to speak to the larger context of the decision within the Faculty of Arts and Science policies, regulations and practices.

Committee of Departments

New Budget Model Committee

Health and Safety Committee

Queen's University is committed to the prevention of illness and injury through the provision and maintenance of a healthy and safe campus. The University endeavours to meet its responsibilities for the health and safety of the members of its community by complying with relevant health and safety standards and legislative requirements, and by assigning general and specific responsibilities for workplace health and safety.

Click here for more information about Health and Safety in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Arts Graduate Council

Art ConservationRosaleen Hill
Art HistoryAllison Sherman
ClassicsFabio Colivicchi
Cultural StudiesDorit Naaman
Global Development StudiesMarcus Taylor
EconomicsSumon Majumdar
EnglishSam McKegney
Environmental StudiesHeather Jamieson
French StudiesElisabeth Zawisza
Gender StudiesKatherine McKittrick

Laura Cameron

HistoryJeffrey Collins
Health & KinesiologyStevenson Fergus
PhilosophyJon Miller
Political StudiesZsuzsa Csergo
Religious StudiesPamela Dickey  Young
SociologyAnnette Burfoot
School of Urban and Regional PlanningDavid Gordon

VACANT - Masters student 

VACANT - Doctoral student

Committee ChairDorit Naaman (CUST)
Committee Co-ChairZsuzsa Csergo (POLS)
Representation from the Graduate SchoolSandra den Otter, Associate Dean
Monica Corbett, Director, Admissions and Student Services
Representation from the Faculty of Arts and ScienceLynda Jessup, Associate Dean
Diane Reid,Committee Secretary

Arts Graduate Council Meeting Schedule

Science Graduate Council

BiologyWayne Snedden
ChemistryGang Wu
ComputingDavid Skillicorn
Environmental StudiesHeather Jamieson
GeologyGeorgia Fotopoulos

Melissa Lefreniere

Health & KinesiologyStevenson Fergus
Math & StatsJames Mingo
PhysicsMartin Duncan (Fall term only)
PsychologyHans Dringenberg

Hayley Roberts (Masters student - Biology)


Committee ChairSharon Regan (BIOL)
Committee Co-ChairLaurent Godin (GEOL)
Representation from the Graduate SchoolKim McAuley, Associate Dean
Monica Corbett, Director, Admissions and Student Services
Representation from the Faculty of Arts and ScienceLynda Jessup, Associate Dean
Diane Reid, Recording Secretary

Science Graduate Council Meeting Schedule

Academic Integrity and Conduct Panel (AICP)

Writing Advisory Committee

The Writing Advisory Committee provides academic oversight of the faculty’s writing courses and programs. The Advisory Committee is responsible for academic planning, curriculum development, quality assurance, and for academic appointments.

Advisory Committee Membership

  • the Undergraduate Coordinator for Writing Courses; the Undergraduate Coordinator, who oversees the daily activities related to writing support services offered through the Writing Centre (Student Academic Success Services), serves as the link between student support and academic programs in writing.
  • a member of the English Department, normally appointed by the Head of the English Department for a term of two years starting in July
  • the Associate Dean responsible for Continuing and Distance Studies (CDS)
  • the Manager of CDS


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