Merit Process

Instructions for Completing your Annual Report

  1. This report form should be used by all members of the QUFA Bargaining Unit, except for term adjuncts. A special form will be available for term adjuncts in early January.
  2. No headings are to be deleted. If any heading does not apply to you (e.g. an adjunct who does no research), indicate "NA" for "Not applicable".
  3. The form you download (see below) is a template, in the word processor of your choice. It will expand to fit the amount of material you wish to insert. To start completing an item, place your cursor in the line below each heading line. For columnar material, using the TAB key will help to align your entries.
  4. When you have completed your report, print it and sign it. Please deliver the ORIGINAL and ONE COPY to the Head of your Department by FEBRUARY 1, 2015, together with an accompanying letter if you wish. Your Head will be providing an opportunity to meet and discuss both your report and the Head's appraisal of your work.
  5. It is unnecessary to include copies of USAT reports with your Annual Report since the Faculty Office receives a copy of these reports.

If you have any problems with this process, contact Jacquie Jamieson in the Faculty Office by email or by telephone at extension 77294.