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Enrolments (sometimes called FTE's or Full Time Equivalent Enrolments) are counts of students enrolled in courses, and are usually reported by fiscal year for budgeting purposes. Fiscal year 2015/16 ends April 30, 2016.

In fiscal year 2016 (as estimated November 2, 2015) there are:

  • 11,346 Full Time undergraduate students enrolled in Arts & Science degree programs on campus, and
  • 1,612 Full Time graduate students,
  • 10,933 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students enrolled in on campus classes, and
  • 1,196 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students enrolled in Distance courses

Summary Reports by Department

Student Counts by Department, FTE for undergrad, grad and distance teaching, plan counts by plan type [6p pdf]

Overviews of FTE Course Enrolments, undergraduate and graduate plan counts, student/faculty ratios, fiscal years 2012/13 - 2014/15 (updated November 17, 2015):

Degrees Granted in ASC Departments, 2000 - 2014 [3p, PDF]


NEW! See Vizualizations of these reports, explore student demographics yourself at ASC Tableau Visualizations!


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Compiled by Carol Kavanaugh, Senior Research and Planning Analyst, x77170 Office of the Dean.

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