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Upcoming Interactive Workshop: Promoting Durable and Efficient Learning

Date:               Friday, April 10   1:30 pm – 3pm
Location:         Ellis Hall, Room 319
RSVP to:          f2deans@queensu.ca  

Do tests only measure learning, or can they also promote learning? Should students review/practice the material they are trying to learn soon after they encounter the material or should they wait a while? During practice, should items of the same type/topic be grouped together or should they be interspersed among items of other types/topics? How we learn best may not correspond to how we think we learn best. This workshop will highlight how basic research in cognitive psychology has yielded (nonobvious) principles about human learning and memory that have practical implications for pedagogy. Participants will have the opportunity to compare their intuitions about learning and instruction against findings from cognitive science research, and discuss how they might apply instructional strategies derived from cognitive science in their own teaching/discipline.

Dr. Sean Kang from Dartmouth College (USA) will be leading this interactive workshop.  Dr. Kang, an assistant professor in the Department of Education directs Dartmouth’s Cognition & Education Laboratory, which is focused on applying the cognitive science of human learning and memory towards improving instructional practice. His research examines how testing (or practicing retrieval from memory), spacing/distribution of study opportunities, and interleaving of practice can enhance diverse forms of learning. He received his undergraduate education at the National University of Singapore, and subsequently obtained his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to joining Dartmouth in 2012, Sean was a post-doctoral research scholar at the University of California, San Diego.

Principal’s Commission on Mental Health - Classroom Slides

Health and wellness is essential to our students’ academic and personal success. The university remains committed to strengthening the supportive aspects of our living and learning environments. Recommendation 3.3 of the Principal’s Commission on Mental Health, focusing on “encouraging help-seeking and helping behavior”, suggests that “referral information” slides be distributed to instructors and Teaching Assistants (TAs), “which could be shown before classes on a regular basis. These slides would list the resources available and remind students, faculty members and TAs that help is there when it is needed.” (PCMH Report, 2012, p. 39-40.)


Memorandum from the Principal

Effective Slide Design

Can the design of your Powerpoint slides affect how well your students learn? Barbara Fenesi from the Applied Cognition in Education Lab at McMaster University answers that question in the video of her March 2013 presentation on effective multimedia design.  The main points are summarized in a pdf document.

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