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So said a Queen's principal a long time ago. It's the beauty of the place, its history, its reputation for excellence. More, it's the people. The students, the professors, the artists and the visionaries - a community defined by its spirit of initiative. Working together, questioning, imagining, creating - making a difference. What are you waiting for? Start exploring...

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Still not convinced that Queen's is your school? Why study at Queen's you ask? Find your answer here.

Sound good? We think so too. Start learning how to apply... it's easy.

An investment you can afford. See what student awards, bursaries, scholarships and working opportunities to help you fund your education at Queen's.

Where will you live, study, work and eat? See some photos and get the low-down on the world-class facilities at Queen's University.

Looking for the perfect fit? So are we. Transferring to Queen's may be the right size and style - we may be the perfect fit. Learn about how to transfer.

Interested in Med School or Law School and need to know the path to get there. Figure out what programs and courses you should be taking.

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