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There are several ways to stay in touch. Mark your calendar now. We want to keep in touch.

Visit & Tour Queen's

Tours of Queen's University run every weekday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Find out more about Campus Tours

Some departments may have the ability to provide a more up close and personal experience in the classroom and in their learning spaces. Get in touch directly with your departments to see if they are able to accommodate your request.

Admission Events

Queen's on the Road is a great program that sends our tour guides and program experts all over the world to connect with you if you can physical come to Queen's (well not yet anyway). Check the Queen's on the Road schedule to see when and where they'll be get close to you.

The Faculty and Departments also host several open houses, preview days and special events. Check our events calendar for what's in store this year.


From time to time we have news to share, events to invite you to and other things important to your university application such as tips and tricks. The only catch is you have to get on the list. Are you on the list?