Image of a red key on a computer keyboard with the words apply online written on it.If you're not currently a Queen's student, you will complete an online application for admission and registration, all-in-one application process. The application deadlines for new distance students can be viewed here.

Please note:
1. Regular access to a computer and the internet are required for online courses.
2. Application is not available to candidates who have been required to withdraw from their previous post-secondary institution in the past twelve months.  

Queen's Arts and Science Online courses follow the academic school year. Terms begin in September, January, and May. Note that summer courses are usually condensed and require more hours of study per week to complete. 


SessionClasses StartClasses EndExam Period
Winter 2016Monday, January 4, 2016Friday, April 1, 2016Thursday, April 7, 2016 toSaturday, April 23, 2016
Summer 2016 (May-June)Monday, May 2, 2016Monday, June 13, 2016Thursday, June 16, 2016 toFriday, June 17, 2016
Summer 2016 (May-July)Monday, May 2, 2016Friday, July 22, 2016Tuesday, July 26, 2016 toFriday, July 29, 2016
Summer 2016 (July-August)Monday, July 4, 2016Friday, August 12, 2016Monday, August 15, 2016 to Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Fall 2016Monday, September 12, 2016To be announcedTo be announcedTo be announced
Registration Instructions for Online Courses

Step 1:  Access SOLUS through My.QueensU to register in courses
(Reminder: Registration must be done during the enrolment appointment dates given to you in SOLUS ) 

In order to register in distance courses you must have a NetID and password so that you may log in to My.Queen'sU  If you have not activated your NetID please access 

Access the Student On-Line University System (SOLUS) through My.QueensU to register in your courses. To select courses, choose the "Select Courses" option at the upper right on the page.

Before searching for classes, set the Term to the term you want to enrol in and the Course Career field to "Distance Studies." 

You may browse and choose courses by subject. You may add or drop courses using the add, drop, or swap functions in SOLUS during the registration period. 

NOTE: If you have an outstanding debt to the University you will not be allowed to register in courses.

Step 2:  Make your Tuition Payment

Once you are registered in your course, access SOLUS to view your tuition fees.  The full amount of your tuition is due by these dates listed below. If you do not make payment by these dates, you will incur service charges.

For information on how you can pay your tuition, consult the Tuition and Payment page.

SessionTuition Due Date
Winter 2015Sunday, January 10, 2016
Summer 2016 (May-June)[term-date:STFD]
Summer 2016 (May-July)[term-date:STFD]
Summer 2016 (July-August)[term-date:STFD]
Fall 2016To be announced

Step 3:  Access your course materials

Your course syllabus will contain all of the information you need to begin your course, including grading scheme, required texts and information on accessing course materials.

Resuming Studies After a Break

If you have previously taken courses at Queen's (on-campus or online) and wish to return to studies after a break, then you'll need to complete a Return to Studies form. There is no fee for a return to study. Please complete and fax or email the form.

Return to Studies Form (PDF Download)

Letters of Permission

Students at other universities who wish to take a Queen's online course must obtain a Letter of Permission from their home university. This letter is part of the application process. Please contact your university for information on how to obtain a Letter of Permission.

Course Load

Non-degree Students: course load will vary whether a student is admitted as a Continuing Student or an Interest Student.

Degree Program Students: distance students admitted to a distance degree program may take up to 18 units per term during the Fall-Winter Terms.

Summer Term

  • Due to the condensed time-frame of the Summer term, students are advised to take no more than two courses. Two courses during the Summer term is considered equivalent to a full-time load.
  • Students in good standing taking more than 2 courses should closely monitor their ability to keep up with the assigned readings, to complete assignments on time, and to achieve a satisfactory academic standing in each course.
  • Students on probation, with a number of previous failures or with outstanding work from a previous term should not exceed this course load.
  • Students should be aware of the established deadlines for dropping courses without academic penalty and are expected to drop courses, if necessary, before deadlines. Taking more than 2 courses per term does not constitute sufficient grounds for an academic appeal to drop courses after the deadline.
SOLUS - Student Online University System

SOLUS is Queen's online account system for current Queen's students. All registered students have access to SOLUS. Through SOLUS, you can

  • register in subsequent courses
  • check your grades
  • check for outstanding fees
  • monitor your progress toward a degree