Course Weight: Course weight is presented at the end of the course code. A one-term course is denoted as 3.0 units, while a course spanning two terms (with some exceptions) is denoted as 6.0 units.

Fall 2014 course offerings are currently in progress. We reserve the right to make any changes.

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Code / Number Title Discipline Term Credit Units
ARTH 354/3.0 The Age of Rembrandt Art History Summer 2014 3.0
BCHM 270/3.0 Biochemical Basis of Health & Disease Biochemistry Summer 2014 3.0
BIOL 102/3.0 Introductory Biology of Cells Biology Summer 2014 3.0
BIOL 103/3.0 Introductory Biology of Organisms Biology Summer 2014 3.0
BIOL 111/3.0 Ecology and the Environment Biology Summer 2014 3.0
BIOL 319/3.0 Introduction to Ethnobotany Biology Summer 2014 3.0
BIOL 330/3.0 Cell Biology Biology Summer 2014 3.0
CHEM 281/3.0 General Organic Chemistry I Chemistry Summer 2014 3.0
CHEM 285/3.0 General Organic Chemistry II Chemistry Summer 2014 3.0
CISC 101/3.0 Elements of Computing Science Computing Summer 2014 3.0
CISC 121/3.0 Introduction to Computing Science I Computing Summer 2014 3.0
CLST 205/3.0 Ancient Humour Classics Summer 2014 3.0
DEVS 100/6.0 Canada and the "Third World" Global Development Studies Summer 2014 6.0
DEVS 240/3.0 Culture and Development Global Development Studies Summer 2014 3.0
DRAM 205/3.0 Theatre in the Age of Film and Television Drama Summer 2014 3.0
ECON 111/3.0 Introductory Microeconomics Economics Summer 2014 3.0
ECON 223/3.0 Macroeconomic Policy Economics Summer 2014 3.0
ECON 243/3.0 The Economics of Health Care Economics Summer 2014 3.0
ENGL 100/6.0 Introduction to Literary Study English Language and Literature Summer 2014 6.0
ENGL 223/3.0 Selected Women Writers II English Language and Literature Summer 2014 3.0
FILM 260/3.0 Digital Media Theory and Practice Film and Media Summer 2014 3.0
FILM 340/3.0 Advertising and Consumer Culture Film and Media Summer 2014 3.0
FREN P16/3.0 Communication et Culture I French Studies Summer 2014 3.0
GNDS 125/3.0 Gender, Race, and Pop Culture Gender Studies Summer 2014 3.0
HIST 125/6.0 The Evolution of Modern Europe History Summer 2014 6.0
HIST 207/3.0 Global Indigenous Histories History Summer 2014 3.0
HIST 260/6.0 Canada from the Conquest to the Present History Summer 2014 6.0
HLTH 230/3.0 Basic Human Nutrition Health Studies Summer 2014 3.0
MATH 121/6.0 Differential and Integral Calculus Mathematics Summer 2014 6.0
MICR 270/3.0 Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Microbiology & Immunology Summer 2014 3.0
MUSC 171/3.0 The Social History of Popular Music Music Summer 2014 3.0
PHAR 100/3.0 Introductory Pharmacology Pharmacology and Toxicology Summer 2014 3.0
PHGY 210/6.0 Physiology for Health Sciences Physiology Summer 2014 6.0
PHIL 111/6.0 Great Works of Philosophy Philosophy Summer 2014 6.0
PSYC 100/6.0 Principles of Psychology Psychology Summer 2014 6.0
PSYC 235/6.0 Abnormal Psychology Psychology Summer 2014 6.0
PSYC 370/3.0 Brain and Behaviour II Psychology Summer 2014 3.0
PSYC 397/3.0 History of Modern Psychology Psychology Summer 2014 3.0
RELS 131/6.0 World Religions/Religious Worlds Religious Studies Summer 2014 6.0
SOCY 122/6.0 Introduction to Sociology Sociology Summer 2014 6.0
STAT 263/3.0 Introduction to Statistics Statistics Summer 2014 3.0
WRIT 125/3.0 Effective Writing I Writing Summer 2014 3.0
WRIT 225/3.0 Writing in Academic Contexts Writing Summer 2014 3.0

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A detailed study of paintings produced in the Netherlands, ca. 1580-1700. Developments in style and the growth of...

Summer 2014
ARTH 354/3.0

This course will introduce general biochemical concepts that will allow for an understanding of the biological and...

Summer 2014
BCHM 270/3.0

An introduction to the basic themes and concepts of modern biology spanning organizational levels from molecules to...

Summer 2014
BIOL 102/3.0

An introduction to the basic themes and concepts of modern biology spanning organizational levels from organisms to...

Summer 2014
BIOL 103/3.0

Introduces the basic concepts of ecology and shows how they relate to environmental issues such as population growth...

Summer 2014
BIOL 111/3.0

Ethnobotany is the study of the relationships that exist between indigenous cultures and local flora. Case studies...

Summer 2014
BIOL 319/3.0

An introduction to the cellular basis of biological variation. The course explores the control of cell function...

Summer 2014
BIOL 330/3.0

An introduction to the basic principles of organic chemistry with emphasis on bonding, stereochemistry, reaction...

Summer 2014
CHEM 281/3.0

A continuation from CHEM 281...

Summer 2014
CHEM 285/3.0

Introduction to algorithms: their definition, design, coding, and execution on computers. Intended for students who...

Summer 2014
CISC 101/3.0

Introduction to design and analysis of algorithms. Recursion, backtracking, and exits. Sequences, linked lists, and...

Summer 2014
CISC 121/3.0

This course explores the techniques by which humour was created in literature and the visual arts in antiquity. It...

Summer 2014
CLST 205/3.0
Queen's Art Sci Online - Ancient Humor

Introduces basic theoretical concepts of development studies, the history of global inequality, and short histories...

Summer 2014
DEVS 100/6.0

Provides students with a broad...

Summer 2014
DEVS 240/3.0

An exploration of theatricality and theatrical communication via an examination of how some major trends in theatre...

Summer 2014
DRAM 205/3.0

An introduction to microeconomic analysis of a...

Summer 2014
ECON 111/3.0

Current topics in macroeconomic policy which may include: unemployment and policies to reduce it, government budget...

Summer 2014
ECON 223/3.0

An economic analysis of modern health care institutions, organizations, and markets, both generically and in the...

Summer 2014
ECON 243/3.0

Introduction to literary study, with an emphasis on the formal analysis of a diverse range of poetry and prose....

Summer 2014
ENGL 100/6.0
Queen's Art Sci Online - Who is Frankenstein?

A survey of women writers from after 1900. Geographical focus of course may vary from year to year. Focuses on...

Summer 2014
ENGL 223/3.0

Survey of digital media theories and online mass communication practices, with emphasis on social and mobile...

Summer 2014
FILM 260/3.0

Course reviews print, online, and television advertising strategies to understand the construction of consumer...

Summer 2014
FILM 340/3.0

This French course is aimed at students with little or no knowledge of French and is designed to provide them with...

Summer 2014
FREN P16/3.0

Explores popular culture from feminist and anti-racist perspectives, with attention to sexuality, gender, race and...

Summer 2014
GNDS 125/3.0

A survey of Western and Central Europe and Great Britain from about 1750 to 1950. The focus is on the revolutions...

Summer 2014
HIST 125/6.0

A survey of various historical case studies that will explore the causes, conflicts, and consequences that have...

Summer 2014
HIST 207/3.0

An introduction to some of the major themes in the social, cultural, economic and political history of Canada.

Summer 2014
HIST 260/6.0

A study of macronutrients, selected micronutrients, energy needs for human performance, relationship of nutrient...

Summer 2014
HLTH 230/3.0

Differentiation and integration with applications to biology, physics, chemistry, economics, and social sciences;...

Summer 2014
MATH 121/6.0
Queen's Art Sci Online - What is Calculus?

This course focuses on the biology of the immune system in combating infections caused by common pathogens as well...

Summer 2014
MICR 270/3.0
Cancer cell and lymphocytes

A survey of important trends in 20th century Western popular music. Topics include genres, individual artists and...

Summer 2014
MUSC 171/3.0
Queen's Art Sci Online - The Social History of Popular Music

Topics covered include central nervous system stimulants and depressants, narcotics, alcohol, cardiovascular agents...

Summer 2014
PHAR 100/3.0

The function of organs, body systems and the integration of functions in the whole body.

Summer 2014
PHGY 210/6.0

An introduction to philosophy through the examination of a number of classic philosophical works, with an evaluation...

Summer 2014
PHIL 111/6.0

An introductory survey of basic areas of psychology including perception, cognition, learning and motivation and...

Summer 2014
PSYC 100/6.0
Queen's Art Sci Online - What is bystander apathy?

The experimental approach to the understanding, description and modification of abnormal behaviour is emphasized in...

Summer 2014
PSYC 235/6.0

The relationship between brain and behaviour. The first part of the course examines topics relevant to brain...

Summer 2014
PSYC 370/3.0
Queen's Art Sci Online - What is fMRI?

A survey of the history of modern psychology, from the early 19th century to the close of the 20th. The more...

Summer 2014
PSYC 397/3.0

Introduces religion in India, China and Japan; also the movements of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Humanism.

Summer 2014
RELS 131/6.0

An introduction to the concepts, theories and methods of sociological enquiry, and their application to the analysis...

Summer 2014
SOCY 122/6.0

A basic course in statistical methods with the necessary probability included. Topics include probability models,...

Summer 2014
STAT 263/3.0

A study of the basic principles of academic writing, including a series of assignments that emphasize logical...

Summer 2014
WRIT 125/3.0

Offering modules on ten types of writing often encountered in various academic fields in university, this course...

Summer 2014
WRIT 225/3.0