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The following guidelines and resources provide department heads, faculty and staff with information about the process for developing online courses and assuring quality. The Faculty of Arts and Science is committed to meeting the needs of both on-campus and distance students through online courses and programs that follow best practices in online learning and that preserve the high quality of education associated with Queen's University.

Priorities for Online Course Development

Criteria for Online Course Development (109 KB PDF)
An overview of the selection criteria for developing online courses, as well as contact information for initiating a conversation about online course development. 

Draft Revenue Sharing Model (192 KB PDF)
A description of the revenue sharing model planned for online courses, with an indication of the potential net revenue to departments based on 12/13 enrolments.

Assuring Quality in Online Courses

Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations for Developing and Teaching Online Courses (204 KB PDF)
An overview of the roles and responsibilities of faculty members, instructional designers, and Continuing and Distance Studies (CDS) in the design and development of online courses.

Quality Assurance for Online Courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science (114 KB PDF)
An overview of the current processes for selecting, developing, and offering online courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science, as well for assuring that quality standards are met.

Support and Process for Developing Online and Blended Courses (136 KB PDF)
An overview of the formal, four-stage design and development process for online and blended courses.

Instructional Resources

The Essential Roles of Faculty in Supporting Learners (115 KB PDF)
An excerpt from the writings and research of pre-eminent online learning expert, Dr. Tony Bates, on how faculty can support learner success. 

Online Course Development: A Guide for Instructors

Overview of CDS Online Course Offering and Development (207 KB PDF)
An overview of the goals and approach to developing online courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Includes a list of the four phases used in online course development.

The Design Process: Preplanning Your Course (153 KB PDF)
Guidelines for instructors on how to create a rich learning environment for students, identify learning outcomes, write an online course syllabus, and select course materials.

The Design Process: Course Content and Activities (139 KB PDF)
Provides a list of tools and examples for instructors to design learning activities, ensure good practice, and manage virtual interaction among students and teaching assistants.

The Design Process: Assessment (213 KB PDF)
An overview of the different types of learning assessments that instructors can employ to measure progress made by students towards learning outcomes. 

References (107 KB PDF)
A list of academic research used to compile these documents.