Tuition & Fees

2017-18 Tuition Fees for Arts and Science Online Students

Tuition fees may differ by year, faculty and program. Returning students and students in other faculties and programs should check the Office of the University Registrar website for the most current fee schedules.

These fees have been updated as of March 8, 2017 and are effective for the Summer 2017, Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 terms. Fees are subject to potential annual increases each May. 

Tuition Fee3.0 units**6.0 units**

Exam Fee***

Domestic Students*$666.91$1333.82 $75
International Students$3759.01$7518.02 $75

*Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents/Landed Immigrants, Residents, Native Persons, and Exempt International Students.
**Includes Student Assistance Levy of $10.00 per 3.0 Units, $20 per 6.0 units. 
*** If course has final proctored exam

Fees quoted above do not include the cost of textbooks or class materials.

Tuition Due Dates

Please make note of the upcoming tuition due dates per term.

Payment Methods

The preferred method of payment is through online banking. 

  1. Find Queen's University in your bank's bill payee list.
  2. Enter your student number as your Queen’s account number
  3. Pay your fees through online banking by the due dates.

Financial Assistance

Students enrolled in a degree program and taking a minimum of 9.0 units per term term can qualify for financial assistance through OSAP. You may also be eligible for other bursaries and awards. For more information on OSAP and awards, please speak to Queen’s Student Awards at 613-533-2216.  

Tax Forms

Please see the Office of the Registrar site for information on forms/receipts for preparing your income tax claims.