The Queen's Advantage

Grant Hall building at Queen's University.Queen’s has a passion for education, as much for its online courses as for its on-campus programs. Each year, more than 4000 full-time, part-time and visiting students from Ontario, across Canada and around the world take Queen's online courses.

  • As a full-time Queen’s student you can avoid scheduling conflicts by taking online courses in the academic year or you can accelerate your degree by taking courses in spring-summer.
  • As a visiting student from another university you can catch-up or get a head start on the next academic year.
  • As an interest or part-time student you can work toward a Queen’s BA degree from your home.

Discover the difference that challenging material, collaborative learning, and superb personal support can make in your learning. It’ll be exactly what you’d expect from one of Canada’s leading universities. Click on these links to learn more: