The Queen's Advantage: High-quality, transferable credits

Queen’s courses and degrees are respected everywhere.

When you earn your credits from one of Canada’s most distinguished universities, you don’t need to explain your credentials. Queen’s is regularly listed by Maclean’s magazine as one of the top five universities in Canada. Moreover, Queen’s has been offering distance courses since 1889, making it the longest-running distance education program in the country.

People who take Queen’s Arts and Science online courses get the same course—depth, quality, prof-student contact, interactivity—as people taking on-campus courses. Our graduates earn the same Queen’s degree as on-campus graduates.

Even more important, all Queen’s Arts and Science online courses are taught by Queen's faculty. You’ll have regular contact with your prof, as well as with the other students in your class. Our faculty deliver proven education, pioneering and innovating in online teaching methods for years.

Highly transferable credits

Queen’s credits are transferable to virtually any Canadian university or college because our courses are rigorous. Creating top-quality online learning experiences is a priority for Queen’s Arts and Science. As a result, you can be confident that your credit is worth something.

Collaborative learning

In a Queen’s online course, you won’t be learning alone. Unlike online courses where students just read the textbook and hand in a few assignments, Queen’s courses are interactive and collaborative. You’ll be engaged with your peers, professor, and TAs in discussions, study groups, team projects, debates, online meetings, online help sessions, and even role play. This interactivity is based on decades of research proving that collaboration and engagement are essential for learning.


Join the community of learners enrolled in Queen’s Arts and Science online courses—and take your educational career to the next level. Queen's has been offering distance education courses since 1889! Today, both on-campus and off-campus students enjoy Queen's online courses because they're designed to be challenging and to meet high standards for learning.