I was blown away by how well structured this online course (FILM 260) was. My professor exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From great live lectures to fun assignments! Also everyone was so engaged and it really made me excited to login in each day. The fact that we post our assignments to a public space for feedback is incredible. I really looked forward to what my classmates had to say about my work. I thought I would be learning alone and wouldn’t meet anyone but I was wrong. I’ve made numerous friends who all share my same interests and views. This has been an amazing experience and I recommend that everyone enrols in FILM260. I wish I could take it more than once that is how much I enjoyed it. Thank you very much Queens University! 

- Mercedes Samual, FILM 260 student

It was my first online course and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. It was easy to stay motivated - there was always something to do (either essays or small assignments), and the readings were very interesting. All in all, I enjoyed it a lot and I would definitely recommend it to other students.

- Course evaluation, ENGL 100: Introduction to Literary Study (2014)

Sandra RacicotI have a lot of interaction with other students in the program through the online components. As a mature student, it was initially intimidating to post on class websites. However, the conversations quickly developed, and it was rejuvenating to share thoughts and opinions with so many other people.

- Sandra Racicot, Online BA student from Montreal

Originally, I thought it would be more beneficial to take classes in person, but after going through the course material it was actually better that the format was online. The readings were not too difficult and the course notes are comprehensive. In addition, the discussion forums really helped me keep on top of school work. 

- Course evaluation, PHIL 240: Philosophy of Education (2014)

I have taken 4 courses online since I graduated in 2009. My experience with online courses at Queen's has been a positive one. The Moodle program is very easy to navigate and keeps you connected with all of the necessary resources. Furthermore, all of the additional support from the professors and the academic advisors also makes the experience a pleasant one. Online courses in general allow me to work while also engaging in ongoing learning on a flexible schedule. 

- Krysta Andrews, Queen's Alum

I found that Dr. Griffith did an excellent job of using diagrams, sounds, and other factors to assist him in explaining an idea or proving a point. Since I am very much a visual learner, it enabled me to take much more away from his lectures. The lecture videos overall engaged me and really helped me comprehend the readings that I would have done. In addition, I especially appreciated that he posted the script from the lecture slides so I was able to read them and make my own notes along with them.

- Course evaluation, CLST 205: Ancient Humor (2014)

I loved this course (CISC 121) and I loved Dr. Powley. I have learned a great deal about programming compared to what I knew previously, and I feel this was largely due to her encouragement and fresh approach.

- Course evaluation, CISC 121: Introduction to Computing Science I (2014)

While considering the options to get ahead in my studies, I came across the large selection of online courses available through Queen's Continuing and Distance Studies. An online course offered me the flexibility to continue working over the summer while pursuing subject matter that was interesting to me. Having taken two online courses to date, I can attest to the level of interactivity that professors maintain with their students. I found that the ability to complete coursework at my own pace and discuss concepts with my peers in an online environment contributed to a positive learning experience.

- Alexander Carbone, Queen's Class of 2016, Commerce

A really wonderful course. The professor brings his passion into the course, makes the content interesting by relating it to real life, brings humor into it, and is extremely helpful as well.

- Course evaluation, STAT 263: Introduction to Statistics (2014)

This was my best course this term by far. It was hugely evident that Prof. Evans put a ton of work into our notes and correspondences. Very refreshing to see an instructor who actually cares that we learn something in the course and is willing to give so much wonderful feedback. TAs who marked my papers always left helpful comments as well. Overall just excellent!

- Course evaluation, ENGL 237: Children's Literature (2014)

I really enjoyed this course. I took it as an elective to help me get into teacher’s college later, and I’m quite glad I did. It was the perfect blend of science and geography.

- Course evaluation, BIOL 111: Ecology and the Environment (2011)

Look through the slides to see what it's like to take an online course.

This is the best course I've taken online, even though it has been the most challenging. The reasons is the amount of attention given and assistance provided. Interaction makes for a great learning environment. It's difficult to have this level of interaction with an online course, but Dr. Carran and his TAs are incredible at providing a positive learning environment.

- Course evaluation, CHEM 281: General Organic Chemistry I (2014)