I really enjoyed this course. I took it as an elective to help me get into teacher’s college later, and I’m quite glad I did. It was the perfect blend of science and geography.

- Course evaluation, BIOL111 (2011)

Overall I really enjoyed this class and wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn about such interesting and entertaining material. The course was well laid out and I enjoyed both studying and taking the quizzes, as well as attending class.

- Alicia for CLSC205 (2012)

Any encounters I had with staff were exceptional. The warm response I received from Bev and her team merely reinforced what I already knew - I truly was a member of the Queen's family.

- Megan Fremeau, Online BA

Sandra RacicotI have a lot of interaction with other students in the program through the online components. As a mature student, it was initially intimidating to post on class websites. However, the conversations quickly developed, and it was rejuvenating to share thoughts and opinions with so many other people.

- Sandra Racicot, Montreal

It was fascinating to do a close reading of children's literature and see the intricacies behind these works. The assignments were great, I found they greatly expanded my knowledge. Best online course I have ever taken!

- Course evaluation, Children's Literature (2010)

It saved me money on daycare costs because I didn’t have to drive in to the university.

- Course evaluation, Psychology (2011)

I actually like online summer courses at Queen's. Best school in the world from anywhere in the world.

- Andrew, Film and Media (2011)

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The very best. The profs obviously spent considerable time and thought in marking my essays. They gave me encouragement and helpful comments. Best I’ve ever had.

- Course evaluations, Sociology (2010)

The simulations were particularly helpful. I really enjoyed the theory, and the podcasts were a GREAT supplement to the readings.

Course evaluation, Intro to Business (2010)

Excellent starter course. The instructor was very quick to respond and very helpful. Assignments were always graded and returned quickly, once even only 1 day later. I took it as an extra course to fill in a spot but ended up enjoying it and learning a lot.

- Course evaluation, Writing (2010)

This course has been a great asset to both me and to my clients in my role as an event planner. What a learning curve! There are a lot of little subtleties that can only be learned by doing. I truly think this will make quite a lasting impact on my business development going forward."

- KCG, CDS502 (2013)

Professor was brilliant, timely, and extremely useful.

- Course evaluation, DEVS230 (2011)

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Just received my certificate in CDS502. I learned so much in just 3 weeks, thanks!

Carolyn Rose Tweet

It was impressive how much work the prof put into that course. Thanks a lot!

- Course evaluation, HIST260 (2011)