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Queen's University

IR, UV/Vis and Other

Infra Red, Ultra Violet/Visible and Misc


We operate a DU series 520 spectro-photometer from Beckman for MDI (isocyanate), color and formaldehyde analysis. The instrument is also used for some graduate student projects.



UV Vis Spectrophotometer.jpg


 Beckman DU520 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer 


We also have a ATI Mattson, Genesis Series FTIR Spectrometer. This spectrometer is primarily used to detect glycols in barrel samples (aqueous phase).





Genesis Series FTIR Spectrophotometer



Other lab equipment such as a muffle furnace, centrifuges, platform shaker tables, end over end agitators (TCLP - toxicity characterization leachate procedure), rotary evaporators and Buchi Synchor concentrators are available and used as standard.







Analytical Services Unit June 2014 





IR Spectroscopy


"Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is a measurement technique that allows one to record infrared spectra. Infrared light is guided through an interferometer and then through the sample (or vice versa). A moving mirror inside the apparatus alters the distribution of infrared light that passes through the interferometer. The signal directly recorded, called an "interferogram", represents light output as a function of mirror position. A data-processing technique called Fourier transform turns this raw data into the desired result (the sample's spectrum): Light output as a function of infrared wavelength (or equivalently, wavenumber".



See WIKIPEDIA, Infrared Spectroscopy



IR spectrum.jpg

Typical IR spectrum from the DU520 spectral database 



Specific functional groups give rise to specific stretch bands in an IR spectrum. Some of these groups are given in the table below:


















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