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In the News

Academic Writing Team tables goals and recommendations for Queen’s future

August 23, 2010

After spending the summer reviewing responses to Principal Daniel Woolf’s “Where Next?” vision document, hosting two town hall meetings and listening and talking with the Queen’s community about future directions for the University, the Academic Writing Team submitted its report today.

“We want to thank all the faculty, staff, students and alumni who shared their ideas, input and visions for this great University,” says Jill Scott (German) on behalf of the team, that also included Tim Bryant (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), Kim Nossal (Political Studies), John Smol (Biology), Yolande Chan (School of Business) and Michael Adams (Pharmacology and Toxicology).

“It was a fascinating and gratifying experience working together and with the community on this important step in the academic planning process,” says Dr. Scott. “We encourage everyone to read our report and respond as the process moves forward.”

The 41-page report, "Imagining the Future: Towards an Academic Plan for Queen's University", is posted at . It includes five sections that present several goals for the University with recommendations for each.

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Academic Writing Team to hold second town hall meeting

August 12, 2010  

Members of the Academic Writing Team, who have been spending the summer gathering input about future directions for Queen’s, will hold a second town hall meeting on Tuesday August 17.

“We have gathered ideas from literally every meeting we have held with folks across campus,” says Kim Nossal (Political Studies). “We’ve been extracting resonances we have heard from the community and look forward to another open forum where we will be welcoming people’s views and ideas.”

The town hall will be held in Wallace Hall (second floor of the JDUC at University and Union Sts.) on August 17 between 12:30-1:30 p.m.

The team will be submitting recommendations for the Academic Plan to Principal Daniel Woolf by the start of the fall term.

Senate will take an active and enhanced role in the development of the team’s proposals into a full plan over the fall and winter terms. Cross-campus discussions will be held and a student committee, led by the Rector and presidents of the AMS and SGPS, will develop a student perspective on, and responses to, the proposals.

Queen's community shares vision for the future

July 14, 2010  

More than 60 faculty, staff and students offered their input on the future directions of Queen’s at a town hall meeting July 12.

The academic writing team, which is gathering feedback and identifying themes as part of the academic planning process, listened to comments on a variety of issues including teaching, interdisciplinarity, virtualization and finances.

Much of the discussion centred on the experience of undergraduate students in arts and science.

One student said the university should consider how better to support all instructors because students place a high value on teaching excellence. That discussion raised the issue about whether Queen’s should use professors who only teach.

A faculty member made the point that not all courses are the same in terms of what it takes to deliver them well.

A couple of professors also noted the need for more and better teaching space on campus.

The focus shifted to interdisciplinarity, which Principal Daniel Woolf has identified as a guiding tenet for the academic planning process. Faculty and students cited interdisciplinarity as an important element of a rich education. Several faculty members warned that department heads, worried about maintaining their budgets during difficult financial times, might hamper interdisciplinary efforts.

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Academic Plan process extended

July 5, 2010

The timeline for developing and finalizing the university's Academic Plan is being expanded by several months into 2011 to promote "wide discussion and consultation" over the upcoming fall and winter terms.

Principal Daniel Woolf sent an email to the Queen’s community  last week providing an update on the academic planning process, which began in January with the release of his vision document called "Where Next?"

Faculties and units were asked to respond by April and "concerns have been expressed that the time for consultations in particular areas of the university was insufficient," said the Principal.

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Academic Writing Team to host town hall meeting

June 28, 2010

The six members of the Academic Writing Team will host a town hall meeting next month as they continue to gather input from the Queen's community about future directions for the University.

The meeting is open to faculty, staff and students and will be held on Monday July 12 from 10-11:30 a.m. in 202 Robert Sutherland (138 Union St).

"We encourage everyone to come and talk about their ideas about next steps for Queen's," says Biology Professor John Smol. "Over the summer, we're going to try to develop points of explorations and discussion for the entire Queen's community guided by the input we are, and will be receiving, as well as the response to the Principal's vision statement that we have been poring over."

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Academic writing team “here to listen”

May 17, 2010 

Six faculty members will be spending the summer listening to the views and ideas of faculty, students and staff, and identifying “themes that resonate” as part of the year-long academic planning process.

Michael Adams (Pharmacology and Toxicology), Tim Bryant (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), Yolande Chan (School of Business), Kim Nossal (Political Studies), Jill Scott (German) and John Smol (Biology) have started reviewing materials that include all of the unit and faculty-level responses to the Principal’s vision document (PDF 1.1 MB). They’ve also spent their first meetings focusing on how they will gather the thoughts of the Queen’s community.

“We’ve been asked to be great listeners,” says Professor Adams. "We’re going to do our very best to hear everyone and pick out themes that resonate. We aren’t going to say ‘this is what we’re going to do and not do.’ We’re going to take a long, hard look at where we could possibly go, and try to match the course of action with the major tones that people are speaking ...”

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Academic Plan drafting committee in place

March 10, 2010

Six Queen's academics will draft the university's Academic Plan this summer. Principal Daniel Woolf has announced the membership of the committee that will write the first draft of the plan based on submissions from the Queen's community.

The members are:

  • Michael Adams, Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Tim Bryant, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Yolande Chan, School of Business
  • Kim Nossal, Political Studies
  • Jill Scott, German
  • John Smol, Biology

"I am conscious of the fact that these distinguished professors have taken on this task on top of their busy teaching and research schedules, and I am particularly grateful for their participation in the process," said Principal Woolf.

The writing team members all have strong research and teaching records and reputations; they also have a broad understanding of the university and come from diverse academic backgrounds...

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