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Queen's University

Spring and Summer Continuing and Distance Studies TAships 2014

Course Number

Course Name

Term Offered

Biol-102 Introductory Biology of Cells Spring term 2014
Biol-103 Introductory Biology of Organisms Summer term 2014
Biol-111 Ecology and Environment Spring/Summer 2014
Biol-319 Introduction to Ethnobotany Spring/Summer 2014
Biol-330 Cell Biology Spring/Summer 2014
TA application
Deadline:  March 28th

Introduction to Biology of Cells
Biol-103 Introduction to Biology of Organisms Winter
Biol-111 Ecology and the Environment Fall
Biol-201 Diversity of Life I Fall
Biol-202 Diversity of Life II Winter
Biol-205 Mendelian and Molecular Genetics Fall
Biol-205 S. Pombe culture Mendelian and Molecular Genetics Summer 2013
Biol-206 Evolutionary and Population Genetics Winter
Biol-243 Data Management and Analysis Fall
Biol-302 Population and Evolutionary Ecology Fall
Biol-303 Community and Ecosystem Ecology Winter


Deadline to apply: July 26/13

Environmental Change in Lake Ecosystems
Late Summer
Mbio-218 Gene Structure and Function TBA
Biol-316 Fisheries Biology Winter
Biol-321 Animal Behaviour Fall
Biol-322 Environmental Physiology of Animals Winter
Biol-330 Cell Biology I Fall
Biol-331 Analytical Genomics Winter
Biol-334 Comparative Biochemistry Fall
Biol-335 General Limnology Fall
Biol-339 Comparative Animal Physiology Fall
Biol-341 Plant Physiology Winter
Biol-350 Evolutionary  Ecology of Humans Fall
Biol-369 Biology of Sex Fall
Biol-401 Comparative Animal Physiology Lab Fall
Biol-402 Plant Physiology Lab Winter
Biol-403 Cell and Molecular Physiology Winter
Biol-404 Techniques in Molecular Biology Summer
Biol-410 Ecology of Lakes and Streams Winter
Biol-421 Conservation Genetics Fall
Biol-423 Modern Insect Science Fall
Biol-430 Molecular Genetics of Development Winter
Biol-439 Natural  Selection and Microevolution Fall
Biol-440 Speciation and Macroevolution Fall
Biol-441 Molecular Genetics Fall
Continuing & Distance Studies
Biol-319 Introduction to Ethnobiology Winter

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