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Queen's University

John Smol  (Biology) – Internal government memo accuses a Queen’s professor of bias for oilsands pollution study, on CBC’s As It Happens.

Internal government memo accuses Queen's biology prof of bias

Internal government memo accuses a Queen's professor of bias for oilsands pollution study. (Photo courtesy of John Smol)

A recently released internal government memo accuses John Smol, a Queen's University biology professor, of bias for his study on oilsands pollution.

In December of last year, with funding from Environment Canada, Queen's University released a study on pollution in lakes near the Athabasca oilsands. The study attracted a lot of media attention at the time, including on  As It Happens.

"We concluded a study about a year-and-a-half ago on the oilsands showing that pollutants in some of the oilsands lakes are increasing in lockstep with the oilsands development," Smol tells As It Happens guest host Laura Lynch.

Earlier this month, political news website Blacklock's Reporter obtained an internal government memo written by then Deputy Minister Serge Dupont. The memo expresses a distinct displeasure with Mr. Smol's interviews with the press.

"This memo doesn't actually attack the basically claims I lack neutrality in the way the study was presented," he says. "I was just a bit stunned when I first saw it."

"Normally, in science, if you have a problem with the paper, you criticize the data... I don't think anything in these memos is questioning our science."

To hear more about John Smol's reaction take alisten to our interview.



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