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Queen's University

Ceredwyn E. Hill- Adjunct Associate Professor
(Biology & Medicine)

Laboratory Focus : I am interested in how hepatocytes, the major epithelial cells of the liver, use the electrochemical gradients of inorganic ions to maintain their many metabolic and exocrine functions, and to support proliferative or apoptotic events characteristic of most liver diseases.  Specifically, we use cell electrophysiological, organ physiological and molecular approaches to understand how ion channels and organic anion transporters contribute to the physiology of the liver.  Currently we are focused on (1) characterizing the regulation and determining the role of a Mg2+-inhibited non-selective cation channel (TRPM7) in epithelial physiology, and (2) identifying the molecular mechanisms underlying the sex-specific expression of hepatic anion transporters involved in detoxification.

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Some Recent Publications:

  • Mishra, R., Rao, V., Ta, R., Shobeiri, N.S. & Hill, C.E. 2009.  Mg2+- and MgATP-inhibited and Ca2+/calmodulin-sensitive Trpm7-like current in hepatoma and hepatocytes. Am. J. Physiol. – GI & Liver Physiol.  297:G687-694.
  • Wang, P.Y.T., Boccanfuso, M., Lemay, A.-M., Devries, H., Sui, J., She, Y. & Hill, C.E. 2008.  Sex-specific transport of organic anions in the rat liver.  Life Sci.82:436-43
  • Lam, H.D., Lemay, A.-M., Briggs, M.M., Yung, M.Y.H. & Hill, C.E. 2006  Modulation of Kir4.2 rectification properties and pHi-sensitive stability by association with Kir5.1.  Biochim. Biophys. Acta.- Biomembranes 1758:1837-1845.
  • Lam, H.D., Lemay, A.-M., Kelly, J. & Hill, C.E. 2006.  Loss of Kv and MaxiK currents associated with increased MRP1 expression in small cell lung carcinoma.  J. Cellular Physiol. 209:535-41.
  • Lan, W.-Z., Wang, P.Y.T. & Hill, C.E. 2006.  Modulation of hepatocellular swelling-activated K+ currents by the phosphoinositide pathway-dependent protein kinase C.  Am. J. Physiol. – Cell Physiol. 291:C93-103.
  •  Lan, W.Z., Abbas, H., Lemay, A.-M., Briggs, M.M. & Hill, C.E. 2005. Electrophysiological and molecular identification of hepatocellular volume-activated K+ channels.  Biochim. Biophys. Acta – Biomembranes 1668:223-233 .
  • Lan, W.Z., Abbas, H., Lam, H.D., Lemay, A.-M. & Hill, C.E. 2005. Contribution of ClC-2-type chloride currents to resting and hypotonically-shocked rat hepatocytes. Am. J. Physiol. - GI & Liver Physiol. 288:G221-9

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000