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Queen's University

William C. Leggett - Professor Emeritus

leggett.jpg Research: My current research is focused on the dynamics of large marine ecosystems with particular reference to the environmental, anthropogenic and geographic factors that influence their  function, stability and  resilience.


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Some Recent Publications:

  • Frank, K.Y., B. Petrie, J.A.D.Fisher and W.C.Leggett. 2011. Transient dynamics of an altered large marine ecosystem Nature 477: 86–89.
  • Fisher, J.A.D., K.T. Frank, and W.C. Leggett. 2010. Dynamic macroecology on ecological time-scales. Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 19: 1-15.
  • Fisher, J.A.D., K.T. Frank, and W.C. Leggett. 2010. Breaking Bergmann’s rule: truncation of Northwest Atlantic marine fish body sizes.  Ecology 91: 2499–2505.
  • Fisher, J.A.D., K.T. Frank, and W.C. Leggett. 2010. Global variation in marine fish body size and its role in biodiversity-ecosystem functioning. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 405: 1–13
  • Shackell, N.L., K.T. Frank, J.A.D. Fisher, B. Petrie, and W.C. Leggett. 2010. Decline in top predator body size and changing climate alter trophic structure in an oceanic ecosystem. Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 277: 1353–1360

  • P.A. Venturelli,  C..A. Murphy, B. J. Shuter, T. A. Johnston, P. J. van Coeverden   de Groot, P. T. Boag, J. M. Casselman., R. Montgomerie, M. D. Wiegand, and William C. Leggett. 2010. Maternal influences on population dynamics: evidence from an exploited freshwater fish. Ecology 91: 2003–2012.
  • Petrie, B., K.T. Frank, N.L. Shackell, and W.C. Leggett. 2009. Structure and stability in exploited marine ecosystems: quantifying critical transitions. Fish. Oceanogr. 18: 83-101.
  • Leggett, W.C. AND K.T. Frank 2008. Paradigms in Fisheries Oceanography.  Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review. 46: 331-363.
  • Fisher, J.A.D., K.T. Frank, W.C. Leggett, N.L. Shackell and B. Petrie. 2008. Temporal dynamics within a contemporary latitudinal diversity gradient. Ecol. Lett. 11: 883-897.
  • Frank K.T., B. Petrie, J.S Choi, and W.C. Leggett. 2005. Trophic cascades in a formerly cod-dominated ecosystem.  Science 308 (5728): 1621 – 1623.
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