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Queen's University

Craig Hawryshyn - Professor

hawryshyn.jpg Research: Vision plays a fundamental role in guiding behaviour such as foraging, predator avoidance, navigation, and mate choice. The visual aspects of these behaviours represent key domains in biological research. Since the sensory world of animals is quite different from that of humans, the ultimate challenge for sensory biologists is to describe how and for what purpose sensory information is acquired. My laboratory takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding how vision, specifically the retina, develops, and functions, and provides critical information concerning the visual environment.

We are principally interested in the visual biology of African cichlid fishes including the examination of underwater light environments, color and polarization vision, characteristics of optical signals and visual behaviour related to mate choice and foraging strategies.

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Some Recent Publications:

  • Kamermans M & Hawryshyn CW. 2011. Teleost Polarisation Vision: How it might work and what it might be good for. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 366: 742-756
  • Sabbah S, Gray SM, Boss ES, Fraser JM, Zatha R, & Hawryshyn CW. 2011. The underwater photic environment of Cape Maclear, Lake Malawi: Comparison between rock- and sand-bottom habitats and implications for cichlid fish vision. Journal of Experimental Biology 214: 487-500  
  • Hawryshyn, C.W. 2010. Ultraviolet polarization vision and visually guided behavior in fishes. Brain Behaviour and Evolution 75: 186-194.  
  • Hawryshyn, C.W., Ramsden, S.D., Betke, K.M., & Sabbah, S. 2010. Spectral and polarization sensitivity of juvenile atlantic salmon (Salmo salar): Phylogenetic considerations. Journal of Experimental  Biology 213: 3187-3197.
  • Lisney, T.J., Studd, E., & Hawryshyn, C.W. 2010. Electrophysiological assessment of spectral sensitivity in adult nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus: Evidence for violet sensitivity. Journal of Experimental  Biology 213: 1453-1463.  
  • Raine, J.C., Coffin, A.B., & Hawryshyn, C.W. 2010. Systemic thyroid hormone is necessary and sufficient to induce ultraviolet-sensitive cone loss in the juvenile rainbow trout retina. Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 493-501.  
  • Sabbah, S., Laria, R.L., Gray, S.M., & Hawryshyn, C.W. 2010. Functional diversity in the color vision of cichlid fishes. BMC Biology 8: 133-.  

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000