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BIOL 537 OFFERS 2014-15

Below you will find the list of offers from faculty.  Some students have received more than one offer (in no particular order) All students must either decline or accept their offer no later than March 24th at 4:00pm. To accept or decline the offer please e-mail the faculty person and copy Julie French ( If you do not accept or decline by March 24th at 4:00pm your thesis project will be offered to another student. If you wish you can make an appointment and meet with your potential supervisor(s) before accepting. Note that your offer is conditional on being registered in a BIOL honours program (BSCH) and you must be in your 4th year. If you did not get an offer, you have the option of going back to supervisors that may not have selected you and ask if they would reconsider.  Additional places may become available after April 15th - providing some students decline offers.

Student Offer 1 Offer 2 Notes
00961 Aarssen Martin
06076 Bendena  
93352 Bendena  
05291 Bonier  
08009 Bonier/Nagel  
19121 Casselman   conditional on co-supervisor
16975 Chin-Sang  
08644 Chippindale  
22809 Chippindale  
00531 Cumming  
23794 Cumming  
05747 Friesen  
23513 Friesen  
19187 Friesen  
23584 Grogan  
22496 Grogan  
26805 Hill   Hill - conditional on co-supervisor
16944 Hill Seroude Hill - conditional on co-supervisor
11211 Hodson  
81221 Ko Seroude
07111 Ko  
12521 Lougheed  
27823 Martin Tufts
07031 Martin Friesen
26675 Montgomerie  
06393 Moyes  
07643 Nelson  
13465 Regan  
08334 Smol Tufts
06474 Smol  
02037 Snedden  
10824 Tufts  
07686 Tufts  
6281615 Walker  
13002 Walker  
08313 Walker&Grogan  


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