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Queen's University

Extenuating Circumstances

Our policy for accommodations is the standard for Biology. Any requests require that you download, print, fill out, and deliver in person the Declaration of Extenuating Circumstances Form to document the circumstances and request for a dispensation. Dispensations, based on legitimate excuses MAY be granted at the discretion of the course coordinator. If you are not sure whether your excuse is legitimate, ASK.

Scenario 1. You EXPECT TO miss an exam, presentation or assignment: 
Then you need to contact the course coordinator 72h BEFORE the date. Depending on the situation, they may require you to submit the form prior to the date or require you to submit the form within 72h after the date. 

Scenario 2. You unexpectedly MISSED an exam, presentation or assignment: Then you need to contact the course coordinator within 72h AFTER the date and submit the form. 

Once you have written an exam, it counts - the Biology Department will not change your grade and your only option is an appeal to the Faculty of Arts and Science. If circumstances are personal and you wish not to relate them to the course coordinator, she or he may request documentation from a counsellor at Queen's HCDS, or other appropriate authority. 

Supporting Documentation

Please do not go to a physician SOLELY to obtain documentation of a health issue. You may be asked to provide the instructor with the appropriate supporting documentation, depending on the circumstances such as:

  • Serious long-term illness or injury certified by documentation from a licensed health professional.  
  • Current or recent treatment from a licensed psychiatrist, or counselling by Queen's Student Services, certified by supporting documentation from same.  
  • Recent death or life-threatening illness or injury of a family member or close friend. The course instructor may ask for verification of the situation (e.g., death certificate, published obituary) and may verify the legitimacy of the document.  
  • A disability certified by documentation from the Special Needs Office. 

Note that if any of this documentation is determined to be fraudulent, the Department will consider this to be a departure from academic integrity.




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