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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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The Castle Charter

This Charter is a statement of the partnership expected between students and the Bader International Study Centre to create a supportive academic community where learning, inquiry, research and critical assessment may flourish

The BISC will

  • Partner with students in the development of the Castle and its programs, seeking feedback and input.

  • Safeguard student information and data so as to protect student identity and rights.

  • Treat all students equally and without discrimination.

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for learning and social interaction.

  • Respect students and be concerned for their wellbeing, creating a community without fear or intimidation.

  • Provide clear and timely information on fees, be transparent in dealings with students, and offer effective and timely feedback on their academic work.

  • Craft a creative, innovative learning environment where technology, inquiry and presentation work together to support intellectual exchange and growth.

  • Support students’ non-academic social life and concerns with appropriate programming, staff, services, security and counselling.

  • Maintain a community concerned with service, citizenship, responsible leadership, tolerance and equal opportunity.

  • Striving for a community footprint that is environmentally sustainable and responsible to available resources.

As a student you are responsible for

  • Active participation in your own learning across local, regional and global levels.

  • Developing a critical voice for assessment and evaluation.

  • Building an ethos of life-long learning and active inquiry.

  • Partnership and service to others and to the broader community.

  • Crafting a lifestyle that is sustainable and responsible to the broader community.

  • Complying with BISC regulations for supporting the community.

  • Being a responsible global citizen.

  • Engaging with others to support and define community.

  • Considerate interaction with staff, faculty and other students.

  • Informing the BISC of any disability that may affect your opportunities as a student.

  • Acting as responsible ambassadors for BISC and your home university.

  • Active participation in governing social life through the Student Council.