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Upper Year Admission Requirements

On-line Application Form for Non-Queen's Students

Upper Year Applicant Course Selection Form

To be eligible for Upper-Year study at the BISC, applicants must:

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have completed at least one full year of undergraduate study
  • Meet their home university's requirements for study abroad
  • Must have a valid Letter of Permission (LOP) from their home university
  • Satisfy course prerequisites (or have equivalent qualifications)

Qualified Applicants are:

  • Students from universities worldwide
  • Graduating students wishing to add a European focus to their degree
  • Non-degree and post-degree students wishing to attend courses for credit or interest

Please Note:

Students from CUSAP partners institutions, or other BISC partner institutions, are not required to submit an LOP. Students from BISC partner institutions should consult an academic advisor in the study abroad office at their home institution for more information regarding eligibility and application procedures.

Post-degree students, or students who have already completed a degree, do not require a Letter of Permission.

Queen's University reserves the right to amend BISC admission requirements

Application Deadlines


Application Deadline

Fall Term 2015

31 July 2015

Winter Term 2015

15 October 2014

May-June 2015 Summer School and Specialized Programs

14 March 2015