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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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On-Line Application Forms

Applying to the BISC as a Queen’s Student

As Queen’s University students the application process to the BISC is quite simple. Please fill out and submit the following documents:

*Please ensure that your SOLUS account reflects your most current and accurate address/biographic information.

Applying to the BISC from another University

Students applying from universities other than Queen’s University need to complete and submit the following documents:

If you are having any trouble with the BISC Online Application please refer to our Step by Step Manual for Application Procedures

Each institution has its own approval procedures for study abroad. You should consult an academic advisor in the study abroad office at your home institution to determine what these procedures are.

If you attend any institution other than Queen's University, you should submit your application through the study abroad office at your home institution. You should consult an academic advisor in the study abroad office for more information before you begin the application process.

Students applying from any institution other than Queen's University, you should send your application and all supporting documents directly to Queen's University Undergraduate Admission (see #6 below).

All non-Queen's University students, you will be required to send an official copy of your transcript, along with a Letter of Permission issued by your home institution, in support of your application. These are both required documents and must be received by Queen's Undergraduate Admission before your application can be processed.

Tips for the Application Process

  1. Review the course descriptions on the BISC website and select several courses you would like to take at the BISC. Keep in mind your degree program and what requirements you will need to graduate. If unsure, you should seek the help of academic advisors within your Department or Faculty to review the course descriptions and make suggestions.
  2. Having chosen your courses, you should submit an application to your home institution indicating your interest in attending the BISC through Queen's University. Your Faculty Office will be able to provide information on this process.
  3. Typically, you will be asked to complete a form or make a formal written request for a LOP. Likely, you will have to indicate which courses you want to take and provide the course descriptions outlined on this website. If additional information is required, please contact us directly at:
  4. When your university is satisfied that the program is acceptable, you will be granted a LOP for those courses which your university will recognize for credit. The LOP may be submitted directly to Queen's University by the Department, Faculty, or student.
  5. While waiting for the LOP, you may wish to avoid further delay by requesting an official transcript from the Registrar's Office at your institution.
  6. Once you have both the LOP and transcript (or notification that it has been sent to Queen's), you should forward the application and appropriate supporting documents to:

Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment
Gordon Hall, 74 Union St
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6