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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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BISC Buddy Mentorship Program

This program runs through the Fall and Winter terms and is designed to assist returning BISC students adjust to life at Queen’s University. As a mentor in the BISC Buddy Mentorship Program you will be part of a team dedicated to ensuring that students returning from the Castle to spend their second year at Queen’s have an enjoyable and inclusive transition experience. The Buddy Mentorship Program is aimed at providing a means to alleviate reverse culture shock by allowing you to share you experience with others who may be going through similar challenges in the new environment. Using your experience, the returning BISC student will be able to adapt more easily to the new campus, be introduced to the services available to them, integrate into the community, and feel like they have a better understanding of the lingo used and traditions associated with being a Queen’s University student. This program also gives you the opportunity to make a difference to another students’ experience, talk to other students about the BISC, share stories, and learn important skills in mentorship.

The support provided by the Buddy Mentorship Program is intended to present students with the opportunities to create a social network and community atmosphere via social events organised throughout the academic year as well as through individual meetings with Buddies.

What is a BISC Mentor?

The Bader International Study Centre (BISC) Mentors are a select group of student leaders who attended the BISC in their first year of undergraduate studies and have completed their second year of undergraduate studies at Queen’s University’s Kingston campus. Working closely with the BISC Admission Office at Queen’s and with Student Services at the BISC they will help ease the transition from first year at the BISC to second year on the Kingston campus, by providing support for returning BISC students and creating safe social environments to help returning BISC students integrate into the Queen’s community.

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 BISC Buddy Mentorship Program Application (263KB)