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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Volunteering & Clubs

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in the local community and to meet new people. As well as being a lot of fun, volunteering really enhances your experience at the Castle and helps you develop new skills. Students have volunteered weekly:

  • In the local primary and preschools
  • At the Cat Adoption centre
  • At the Horse Rescue centre
  • With the Brownies
  • With the Guides
  • At the Village Information centre
  • In the Castle Gardens

In addition a number of one-off opportunities such as:

  • Apple and pear picking
  • Charity events for Chestnut Treehouse (a children’s hospice in East Sussex)
  • Poppy sales
  • Church yard clears ups and more

We’re always keen to develop new volunteering opportunities too and have a lot of contacts in the local area so if there is a particular place or field you were interested in volunteering in let Student Services know. 

Clubs at the BISC are always student-led so vary term-to-term. There is a Mental Wealth Society at the Castle and examples of other clubs ran in the past include a Devs Society and Debating Club. Student Services are always keen to have students set up activities here and we will support you all that we can. We can also help you to connect to local sports clubs, in the past, for instance, students have joined local rowing and rugby clubs.