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Dr. Chris Taylor

Assistant Professor

Qualifications and Research Interests

  • PhD on “A Formal Logical Analysis of Causal Relations”, University of Sussex
  • MSc (with Distinction) in Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems, University of Essex
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Astronomy, University of Sussex
  • BSc (Hon.) in Physics, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London

Dr. Taylor has a broad interest in science and mathematics, with research interests and publications mostly in the area of specification using formal logic in theoretical computer science. His doctorate was an analysis using formal logic of causal relations, which included various atemporal explanatory and functional relations, as well as causation between temporally ordered events, and which involved not only necessity associated with physical laws, but also necessity associated with laws and constraints of various other kinds: the key idea was that many types of causal relation share certain underlying abstract properties, which can be captured by an abstract axiomatization.

Selected Publications

“A Revised Textual Tree Trace Notation for Prolog”. C. Taylor, J.B.H. du Boulay and M.J. Patel. In P. Brna, J.B.H. du Boulay and H.Pain (eds.), Learning to Build and Comprehend Complex Information Structures: Prolog as a Case Study, vol.3, pp.267-281. Ablex Publishing Corporation, August 1999.

“A Case Study in Partial Specification: Consistency and Refinement for Object-Z”. C. Taylor, J. Derrick and E. Boiten. In Proc. of ICFEM 2000, pp.177-185. IEEE, September 2000.

“Interpreting ODP Viewpoint Specifications: Observations from a Case Study”. C. Taylor, E. Boiten and J. Derrick. In Bart Jacobs and Arend Rensink (eds.), Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems V, pp.61-76. Kluwer Academic Publishers, March 2002.

ODP Computational-to-Information Viewpoint Mappings: A Translation of Corba IDL to Z”. C. Taylor, E. Boiten and J. Derrick. IEE Proceedings Software, 149(2), 57-63, April 2002.