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NEW Summer Course: Cultural and Political Exchanges between England and Jamaica

Our newest addition for summer 2014 is INTS 300/3.0 Cultural and Political Exchanges between England and Jamaica: from Colonisation to Jafaican Nation

How did Bob Marley and the Wailers' Catch a Fire, an album which proselytized for revolution and a then-obscure religion, Rastafari, become a giant hit in England? Why are Clarks' shoes, originally worn only by upper-class British army officers, popular among Jamaican dancehall musicians? Why do young Londoners today often speak in a parody of Jamaican English, known as "Jafaican"?  What forms does Jamaican culture currently take in London: is it hybridised, parodic, commodified, or still oppositional to a post-colonizing society? To untangle these questions, this course looks at the history of Anglo-Jamaican relations from the colonial period to the present day. We will look at MUSIC, FASHION, FILM, the WEB and MEDIA, as well as POPULAR CULTURE, HISTORY, LITERATURE and POLITICS. The class will also investigate Anglo-Jamaican relations outside the seminar room on field studies that will likely include a walking tour of London as a Jamaican city, and a show by a Jamaican or British Caribbean artist. No background in a particular field is necessary to do well on the course, but we are looking for enthusiastic students who want to learn more about the legacies of colonialism, how popular culture negotiates changing identities, and why England and Jamaica have such a fascinating, dynamic and often ironic relationship.  Taking this course will help you to make the most of your time in England, and more fully understand the complex national histories and cultures you have chosen to enter by studying at the BISC.

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