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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Explore Newsletter - Reading Period

Explore Newsletter - February 18th Edition

Students are now on their Reading Period after the Mid-Term Trips. While we don't have a full newsletter for you this week, there are lots of great events coming up in the week commencing February 23rd that we wanted to let you know about!

Find out what's happening over the next few days in this week's shortened edition of the Explore Newsletter.

Explore Newsletter - Jan 21 Edition

Explore Newsletter - January 21st Edition

In the next few days look we are looking forward to Bafa' Bafa' - an interactive role-playing game designed to help promote intercultural competency, a guest lecture from Scholar in Residence Skyler Hijazi (On the Homoe rotics of Nations: Axis Powers Hetalia and the After-Image of World War II) and the second screening in the Gay Glances film series, The Celluloid Closet, as well as an Open Mic night, plenty of field studies, and a session promoting mental health awareness.

Explore Newsletter - Back to School

Explore Newsletter - January 7th Edition

Students are back and already the term is underway. Last night saw the first Trivia Night of the term at the Headless Drummer, but coming up in this next seven days we are looking forward to the Local Orientation Tour for new Upper Years, electing a new Upper Year representative to Student Government, and a skill-building workshop for BISC 101 students.