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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Explore Newsletter - November 25 Edition

Don’t miss the notice about our ‘Twelve Days of Holiday Cheer’ to discover all that is going on at The Castle this December. There’s also a special reminder to dress smartly for the End of Term Photo on Thursday December 4th. Most importantly of all, we're giving you plenty of notice to get your skit ready for the 'Talentless Show' in the Headless Drummer this December 15th! And this week’s staff profile features Carley Webb from the Student Life Team.

Explore Newsletter - November 18 Edition

This week we have a bumper edition of the newsletter and lots of deadlines coming up, so please read right through to the end and share with your friends! With the International Trans Day of Remembrance this Friday 20th, we have decided to build a memorial wall out of paper bricks by the bulletin board outside the dining hall. This will honour people who have died this year because of anti-transgender violence. Everyone is invited to drop by anytime during the day to put a brick up and bear witness to the wall.

Upcoming Event: Musical Showcase - 22nd November


Sunday 22nd November, 7:30 - 8:30pm, in the Ballroom.

Join us in the Ballroom for musical performances from some of the BISC’s most talented students, and enchanting songs courtesy of the Ladies' Chamber Choir. This event is free to attend, but there will be a retiring collection afterwards to help raise funds for the Choir’s trip to Oxford next term. Your support is very much appreciated!

Upcoming Guest Speakers: Dr. Adam Slavny


Friday 27th November, 5 - 6pm, in the Conference Room

"What Makes People Morally Equal?"

The belief that persons are in some sense morally equal is fundamental to much of our Political and legal culture and is endorsed by a wide range of philosophers. Despite this, there is deep disagreement about what it is that makes people equal. Investigating the basis of equality, then, has become one of the most pressing problems in contemporary normative philosophy.

Explore Newsletter - November 11 Edition

This week is Mental Wellness Week at the castle. Check this week’s issue for times and places for our sessions that are aimed at promoting mental health and wellbeing. We are also promoting the live streaming event this Thursday entitled, “Surveillance after Snowden.” Join Edward Snowden for his keynote address live from Grant Hall, at 11pm in the Conference Room. And this week’s staff profile features Rachael Johnstone, our Politics and Gender Studies professor.

Explore Newsletter - November 4 Edition

It’s Harry Potter Day at the castle this Friday! (You honestly didn’t think you’d make it through an entire term of study at an English castle without someone mentioning Hogwarts did you!?) There’s a reminder to attend the BlackBerry talk on Monday 9th at 10am in The Ballroom with Sean Silcoff, and our staff profile features Jo Hoare, from the Finance Department.

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Explore Newsletter - October 28 Edition

Halloween is upon us, so this week’s issue features all the ghastly goings on at the castle. Remember to keep an eye out for the Headless Drummer! On a more serious note, if you’re still looking to work in the community, please take the time to read the request from the Herstmonceux Royal British Legion for volunteers this November. It is an extremely worthwhile cause!

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Explore Newsletter - October 21 Edition

Are you a student or a student group with a great idea or project that can help you learn and work in service to the community? In this week’s issue, be sure to check out our information on the Student Initiative Fund. There’s information on how to celebrate Bonfire Night, and this week’s Staff Profile features Duncan Watkinson, the Special Projects Officer.

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Upcoming Guest Speakers: Sean Silcoff

Monday 9th November, from 10am, in The Ballroom

In 2009, BlackBerry controlled half of the World’s smartphone market. Today that number is estimated to be around only one percent. What went so wrong?

The Bader International Study Centre, Queen’s University, Canada is very pleased to welcome Sean Silcoff, co-author of ‘Losing the Signal’: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry, to Herstmonceux Castle this November 9th.