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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Going to University is a life changing experience and students have the opportunity not just to study, but to develop and mature as adults. For many it may be their first time away from home, and certainly their first time being abroad for an extended period of time without the usual support networks of home and family life.

Students will have to coordinate a stringent academic programme with additional Field Studies and Mid-Term Trips whilst managing their own lives: health, financial matters, personal relationships, even laundry. This can be overwhelming, especially when something unexpected happens. BISC students can access advice and support from many sources at the Castle. The first point of contact is the Student Life Coordinators who live in residence and are available as a friendly listening ear and to give low level advice and referral, if necessary. Student Services is available for support and advice relating to welfare, health, finance, time management, and much more. We are also available to facilitate access to local services and professionals. Approximately a half of BISC students approach Student Services each year for everyday information to more serious concerns. If we can’t help, we can help them access those who can. If you are concerned about your student’s welfare, please encourage them to seek help from a member of Student Services.

There are also a number of other sources of advice and support. Dr Christian Lloyd is the Academic Director and Drs Rachael JoIhnstone and Peter Lowe are Academic Advisors. Each are available to give academic advice and hold regular office hours. Students experiencing academic challenges are also, in the first instance, encouraged to approach the Instructor of the course being taken.

Confidentiality Explained

The BISC is subject to the Data Protection Act, 1998, which forbids the release of information about students to any external party.  This means that we will be unable to share the following information about your student with you:

  • We are not able to discuss whether a student is enrolled at the BISC.
  • We cannot confirm whether or not a student has approached Student Services or not.
  • We are unable to disclose any information relating to a student’s academic progress. This includes their module choices, degree intentions, marks, coursework submission and attendance.
  • We cannot supply the student’s address, contact details or financial details.

We understand that this may be different to the policies in other countries; however we firmly believe this is for the safety and security of our students, as well as assisting their development and independence.

We will only discuss information about students with parents when the student’s personal safety is at risk.

If you are concerned about your student, please encourage them to seek out a member of the Student Services team to discuss any issue.