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We provide assistance and opportunities for students with disabilities so that they are able to compete with their peers. We advise and assist students in acquiring classroom and exam accommodations, adaptive technologies, and assisting students in accessing all non-academic programs and services.

I have a disability/medical condition that may affect my studies and living arrangements. What sort of support can be put in place?

In order for academic support to be put in place you must meet with the Student Services Manager on arrival at the Castle to discuss your particular needs. Academic support must be authorized by your home University before it can be implemented here at the Castle. Please contact the health, counselling, and disabilities office at your home University to discuss your academic accommodations prior to leaving for the Castle. Academic accommodations may include extra time in exams, note-takers, individual rooms for exams etc. It is the student’s responsibility to contact Student Services to arrange academic support in good time.

All residential and support requirements must be communicated to the Student Services Department before arrival at the BISC to ensure we have the facilities that you require. Please discuss your needs with the health, counselling, and disabilities office at your home University and communicate these with the Student Services Manager (studentservices@bisc.queensu.ac.uk) before you make arrangements.

Am I required to register my disability with Student Services at the BISC?

You are required to register with Student Services so that your support can be carried out and we can ensure your needs are being met. For exam accommodations you must register with Student Services before October 31st for December exams and February 28th for April exams. Failure to do so may result in Student Services being unable to provide your exam accommodations.

Does the BISC require written evidence of my disability?

For academic accommodations Student Services require written evidence from the health, counselling, and disabilities office at your home university. For residential/support accommodations we require up to date (no older than 2 years) written evidence from a GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, etc. Queen's students (both First Years returning to main campus after their first year, and Upper Years) should contact Health, Counselling and Disability Services prior to arriving at the BISC to arrange accommdoations.

I am feeling stressed and worried, is there someone in the University who I can regularly talk to?

The Student Services team all offer a non-judgemental, friendly and open service. You are welcome to meet with any of the Student Services team who will listen and, if required, offer advice and guidance. If you require professional counselling this can be arranged through the Student Services Department.

There are some very useful online resources available. For example Health, Counselling and Disability Services at Queen's offers a number of self-directed depression & anxiety workshops.

The e-hub team at The Australian National University has developed free, online self-help services that can be accessed anonymously 24 hours a day:

I am an international student and I take regular medication. Will I be able to get this medication on prescription in the UK?

Do not assume your medication will be available in the UK. Due to licensing differences, Please contact the Herstmonceux Health Centre before arriving in the UK. (+44 1323 833535). Before arriving at the BISC you must have made the necessary arrangements for continuing the treatment that you require. Please ensure you carry prescriptions with your medication when going through customs. 

How do I get my teaching and exam arrangements set up?

The Student Services Manager and Academic Director ensure your teaching and exam accommodations are met. It is your responsibility to make sure that all the necessary paperwork has been provided to the Student Services Manager prior to or on arrival at the Castle so that these accommodations can be put in place for the start of the semester.