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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Student Services Team

Tom Gallini

Student and Enrolment Services Manager


Tom has worked at the Bader International Study Centre since October 2014, and has a BA (Hons) in Classics and Theology from Durham University, and an MA in Religious Studies from Queen's University. In his MA research Tom looked at how non-heterosexual young people negotiate their religious and sexual identities, and used Queer Theory as a lens through which to look at this. He previously worked at the BISC as an Assistant Student Services Manager from 2006-2009, and after completing his MA was responsible for administering a pilot study abroad program at Queen's University. While doing so he also assisted in the running of the exchange program through the International Programs Office at Queen's University. He subsequently worked for the Associate Vice-Principal (International) at Queen's, and has briefed the U15 and Russell Group about the state of international mobility, specifically with reference to the UK and Canada. Tom also has experience as a parliamentary caseworker, aiding constituents on a number of social justice issues including immigration, and housing. 

Rachel Smith

Assistant Student and Enrolment Services Manager


Rachel has worked at the Bader International Study Centre since December 2009, and has a BA (Hons) Psychology and American Studies and an MSc in Applied Psychology from the University of Liverpool. During her undergraduate degree Rachel studied abroad in Pennsylvania, USA where she gained an understanding of life in North America and the potential problems that international students may face while attending university overseas. Rachel has travelled extensively and has worked in both Australia and New Zealand. She has over eight years' experience working in further and higher education establishments in the UK, assisting students of varying backgrounds and ages. Her passion lies in working with international students, however, where she feels she has an intrinsic affinity. Rachel believes that every student should have a fulfilling, enjoyable and enriching experience on a cultural, personal and academic basis, similar to that which she experienced while studying abroad. Outside of work Rachel has a keen interest in photography, is fanatical about travel, and loves finding out about new places that should be on her wish-list. Whilst overseas, Rachel certified as an Open Water diver in the Great Barrier Reef, has swum with whales, and skydived over the Lord of the Rings backdrop!

Niamh O'Shea

Asisstant Student Services Manager


Niamh has recently started at the Bader International Study Centre, and has a BA (Hons) in Human Rights and Women’s and Gender Studies from Carleton University, and an MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University. It was Niamh’s extracurricular involvements as an undergraduate student that led to her belief some of the most important learning a university student engages in happens outside of a classroom.  Since then, Niamh has worked at universities in Canada, the United States, and the UK, supporting students as they embark on journeys of discovery and growth. Although her background includes working with orientation programs, service-learning initiatives, and frontline administrative services, Niamh comes to the BISC most recently from Colorado State University, where she served as the Graduate Coordinator for Co-Curricular Leadership Programs. Niamh is drawn to communities promoting holistic growth and empowerment through experiential learning – and she feels the BISC does just that! When she’s not at the Castle, Niamh can be found watching movies, travelling, spending time with storytellers of all kinds, and promoting the merits of Celine Dion to anyone who will listen!