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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Student Services Team

Roxy Denniston-Stewart

Student and Enrolment Services Manager

Roxy has extensive experience working in student services, most recently serving as Associate Dean, Student Services and Community Relations, at Queen’s University.  Prior to coming to Queen’s Roxy held the positions at the University of Windsor, the University of Guelph and the University of Waterloo. During her time as Associate Dean, Roxy has been actively involved in enhancing the student experience at Queen’s and fostering an engaging, vibrant, and inclusive campus community. Highlights of her work include the development of initiatives designed to advance experiential learning and work-integrated support structures, non-academic misconduct processes, health and wellness services, and residence programming curriculum.  Roxy holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph and a Masters of Education in Administration from the University of Windsor. Roxy enjoys gardening, theatre, choir, travel and walking.  She lives on site with her husband Peter.

Mel Burke

Assistant Student and Enrolment Services Manager

Mel joined the Student Services team in 2016 after years of experience at various institutions in Canada. A proud Golden Hawk, Mel completed her BA in Contemporary Studies & Criminology from Wilfrid Laurier University. As an undergraduate student, Mel was an advocate for student engagement and the importance of students having a say in their university experience through her leadership roles within Student Government. A first step on a path that lead her to roles in Student Affairs with a focus on Residence Life, Student Life and Diversity.

In her spare time she enjoys sharing stories of her nephews, travelling and being active.  

Carmen Law

Assistant Student Services Manager

Carmen is joining the BISC Student Services team from Queen's University Residence Life. She has experience from numerous Residence Life programs across Canada, working with diverse group of students. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario with an Honours Specialization in Media, Information & Technoculture and a Major in Sociology. She is currently working on her Professional Masters of Education at Queen's University.

Carmen has a student-centric approach and is committed to helping students discover their own strengths and passions. In addition to student services, Carmen coaches female youth basketball and is an advocate for developing transferable skills through sports. Carmen also enjoys living an active lifestyle by going on runs, a bike ride, or playing a variety of sports.

Student Life Coordinators

Andrina Verbickas

Andrina is a proud Queen’s alumna (BScH Biology), and more recently a graduate of Western University’s teacher education program. After completing her two years at Western studying primary/junior education within the field of Teaching Students with Exceptionalities, Andrina decided that the Student Life Coordinator role at the BISC perfectly combined her loves of Queen’s student spirit, supporting mental wellness, and travelling. In her work supporting student transition, she is a strong advocate for empowering students to become active and independent learners. Andrina looks forward to working with some of the most adventurous students at Queen’s!

When she’s not teaching the tiny humans, Andrina enjoys playing hockey, snowboarding, going to music festivals and [attempting to make] Pinterest DIY projects. As a lifelong fan of Disney princesses, she is very excited about living at a Castle. Andrina wishes to remind students that the Student Life Coordinator office door is always open, and she eagerly welcomes visitors to stop by between classes! Whether it’s sharing travel stories, talking about the latest Grey’s Anatomy drama or helping design a realistic study schedule, Andrina loves chatting with students. Both in the office and around campus, Andrina’s passion for all things sparkly will be quickly apparent; she strongly believes that anything can be made better by adding a little bit of sparkle.

Jamila Skinner

Jamila recently graduated from the University of Guelph with a BSc hon. in Biomedical Science.  At the University of Guelph, Jamila was involved in several aspects Student Life including being an Ambassador of the Office of Intercultural Affairs, and working in various positions within Residence Life. Jamila has always had a passion for traveling and community engagement both locally and globally, which has led her to volunteer in Peru as well as co-lead a volunteer trip to Venezuela and Brazil. In her spare time, Jamila loves being active and exploring new places!  She will always be up for a hike or game of soccer.  Jamila also enjoys playing the piano and ukulele.  Jamila is very excited to return to England after completing a high school exchange in London several years ago!


Paul Lee

Paul is a graduate from the University of British Columbia, completing his BSc in Biology and Earth & Ocean Sciences. Originally from the prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Paul found his home away from home in residence, which propelled his vast involvement on campus during his undergraduate years. Paul has been involved with Residence Life for 4 years, working with a variety of student communities, as well as working with Orientations, the Student Leadership Conference, and other event planning groups. Having hopped around the west coast of North America quite a bit, Paul’s love for mountains, oceans, and sun follows him everywhere he goes. Although he’s never lived or worked in a castle before, Paul is excited for the opportunity and can’t wait to see what’s in store. When Paul is not at home binging his favourite sitcoms and reality TV shows, he can be found hiking, tasting new foods, trying to get the perfect Instagram photo, or planning his next adventure.