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The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make changes, without notice, in the scale of fees. If changes are approved after publication deadlines, every effort will be made to notify students affected. Lack of notification or error on the part of the university does not exempt a student from paying the appropriate fee. Tuition fee increases, if applicable, become effective 1 May each year. Administrative fee increases become effective 01 September each year. Details regarding Fees will be published on the web.

Timing of Payment
The minimum registration payment is due on 01 August, prior to registration. Payment details will be published on the Office of the University Registrar Fees website.  Students may register with a minimum payment of fees but a monthly service charge will be levied against any outstanding balance beginning 1 October.

Account Information
Students are given access to QCARD, an on-line information system, and students are expected to access this system to determine account balances.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), the contents of student records, including student fee account balances, are considered confidential personal information to all authorized users at the University. Unless compelled to do so by law, or authorized by the student (on QCARD or in writing), the University does not disclose the contents of student records to any party outside the University. Please see the Office of the Access & Privacy Coordinator for more information.

Supplementary1 Fees 

  • Payment of Supplementary Fees is mandatory.
  • Program Track Fees are non-refundable.

All Programs (Final Year)
$20 Professional Learning Days
Program Tracks
$300 Artist in Community Education
$450 Outdoor and Experiential Education
$15 CURR 355 Language Arts
$10 CURR 383 Mathematics
$6 CURR 385 Social Studies
$10 CURR 387 Science and Technology
$10 CURR 389 Visual Arts
$10 CURR 391 Drama
$10 CURR 393 Music
$7 CURR 395 Health and Physical Education
$8 FOCI 215 Arts Based Education in the Elementary School
$10 CURR 303 Introduction to Biology Teaching
$10 CURR 305 Science - Chemistry


CURR 311

Dramatic Arts

$45 CURR 312 Dramatic Arts
$10 CURR 317 Introduction to Teaching English
$5 CURR 321 Français langue seconde
$10 CURR 323 Geography
$5 CURR 335 Introduction to Teaching History
$10 CURR 343 Mathematics Teaching and Learning
$15 CURR 348 Health and Physical Education
$10 CURR 351 Introduction to Teaching Physics
$15 CURR 379 Visual Arts
$5 EDST 429 Teaching English as a Second Language
Primary-Junior and Intermediate-Senior
$20 EDST 456 Study of the Rel. Ed. Prog. in Rom Cath. Schools of Ontario
$10 EDST 476 Exceptional Children and Adolescents
$25 FOCI 230 Drama in Education
$150 FOCI 240 Environmental Education
$10 FOCI 255 Educators Abroad
$10 FOCI 295 Teaching Exceptional Children and Adolescents
$10 FOUN 416    Catholic Education
$5 FOUN 446 Science and Teaching as Investigative Arts
Technological Education
$60 Materials Fee
$5 CURR 360 Teaching Technological Education, Part 1
$5 CURR 361 Teaching Technological Education, Part 2
$5 CURR 368 Curriculum Development in Technological Education, Part 1
$5 CURR 369 Curriculum Development in Technological Education, Part 2
Technological Education (Internship)
$10 Summer 1 Materials Fee
$50 Summer 2 Materials Fee
$15 PROF 310 Critical Issues and Policies (Concurrent Year 3)
$15 PROF 311 Critical Issues and Policies (Concurrent Year 3)
Administrative1 Fees  

Appeal Fee $40 to add, drop courses late; to appeal academic sanctions (certified cheque or money order payable to Queen's University).
Document Fee $10 for completion of all documents related to registration at Queen's (certified cheque or money order payable to Queen's University).
Official Transcript $15 as set by the University Registrar's Office
Returned Cheque Charge $20 in the event that a cheque is returned by the bank, there will be a "certified cheque only" requirement for all future payments made to the tuition fee account.
Student Card Replacement Charge $20 as set by the University Registrar's Office

1All of the above are subject to change

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Education Fees
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