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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Admission and Fees Admission

Associate University Registrar (Undergraduate Admission) S.Pinchin
Office Gordon Hall
Telephone 613-533-2218
Fax 613-533-6810
E-Mail Address admission@queensu.ca
World Wide Web Address www.queensu.ca/admission
The following Admission Regulations describe the requirements for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science, the various categories of admission, and the procedures to follow. All applicants should note that the Queen's University Senate Policy on Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline (see http://www.queensu.ca/secretariat/senate/policies/) states that applicants seeking admission to the University or a program at Queen's may not appeal a decision regarding an individual application, whether or not the applicant is, or has been, a student in another program at Queen's. By extension, applicants may not appeal any regulation stated in the Admission chapter of the Arts and Science Calendar.
Arts and Science Admission and Fees Admission
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