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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Stage and Screen Studies Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - BAH

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - BAH
Special Field Concentration - SPF (Consists of 14.0 credits as described below and 5.0 elective credits to total 19.0)
Stage and Screen Studies - STSC
Stage and Screen Studies combines selected courses from the Departments of Drama and Film, along with others chosen from Art and/or Music, to provide students with an understanding of Drama and Film in relation to each other and to other arts in contemporary society.
The special field concentration leads to a B.A.(Honours) degree, and consists of 14.0 credits of a19.0-credit honours program.
i Required courses DRAM 100 orDRAM 181; FILM 104* and FILM 106*, or FILM 110; DRAM 201* and DRAM 202*, or DRAM 210; DRAM 205*; DRAM 237* or DRAM 238*; DRAM 251*; FILM 250; 1.0 credit from FILM 206*, FILM 216*, FILM 226*, FILM 236*; 1.0 credit from FILM 355, FILM 375, FILM 385; STSC 300* and/or STSC 309*.
ii In addition to the required courses, STSC students must take at least 2.0 further credits in Film and 2.5 credits in Drama (including the suggested courses below); plus 1.0 credit from Art and/or Music, which may include DRAM 216*, IDIS 311*, IDIS 410*; to total 14.0 credits.

FILM Students choose from courses in the Calendar for their additional credits in Film.

DRAMA In order to reach the 400-level or above credit required, students should follow one of the following streams for their additional credits in Drama.
a ACTING DRAM 237*; DRAM 330, or DRAM 331* and DRAM 373*; DRAM 431*.
b PLAYWRITING DRAM 251*; DRAM 350, or DRAM 351* and DRAM 451*.
c DESIGN DRAM 241*; DRAM 342* or DRAM 344*; DRAM 541*.
d TECHNICAL DRAM 245; DRAM 345*; DRAM 541* or DRAM 545*.
e DIRECTING DRAM 210; DRAM 241* or DRAM 245; DRAM 310* and DRAM 323*; DRAM 422*.

At least 1.0 credit must be taken in each of Drama and Film at the 300 level, and 0.5 credit in each at the 400 level or above.
NOTE Space in all courses is limited. Enrolment in Stage and Screen Studies confers no priority regarding admission to the Drama and Film courses required for the concentration. Students requesting admission to any course are assessed on the same criteria as all honours students enrolled in a program in Drama or Film, i.e., the grades in prerequisite courses. Students not admitted to courses required for the special field concentration may transfer to a major or medial concentration in either department.
Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Stage and Screen Studies Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - BAH
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