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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Biology Biology Departmental Information

Biology Departmental Information
L.W.Aarssen, S.E.Arnott,W.Bendena, M.G.Blennerhassett, P.T.Boag, L.M.Campbell, I.D.Chin-Sang,A.K.Chippindale, B.F.Cumming, A.J.Daugulis, P.L.Davies, T.Day, E.Dumont, C.G.Eckert, V.L.Friesen, P.Grogan, C.W.Hawryshyn, P.V.Hodson,K.Ko,D.D.Lefebvre, S.C.Lougheed, P.R.Martin, R.D.Montgomerie, C.D.Moyes, W.A.Nelson, W.Newcomb, W.Paterson, W.C.Plaxton, V.Quinsey, L.M.Ratcliffe, S.M.Regan, K.J.Reimer, R.J.Robertson, R.M.Robertson,L.Seroude, J.P.Smol, W.A.Snedden, P.D.Taylor, B.L.Tufts, S.Vanner, V.K.Walker, Y.S.Wang,P.G.Young
Departmental Notes
Subject Code BIOL
Head of Department R.M.Robertson
Associate Head of Department D.D.Lefebvre
World Wide Web Addresshttp://www.queensu.ca/biology
Departmental Office BioSciences Complex, Room 3111
Undergraduate Office BioSciences Complex, Room 3109D
Departmental Telephone 613-533-6160
Departmental Fax 613-533-6617
Undergraduate Telephone 613-533-6344
Undergraduate E-Mailfrenchj@queensu.ca
Chair of Undergraduate Studies C.D.Moyes
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies A.K.Chippindale
Academic AdvisorsW.Newcomb, S.E.Arnott
Academic Advisors to Con.Ed. Students W.C.Plaxton, L.Seroude
Academic Advisor for Environmental Science L.M.Campbell
Counsellors for the Life Sciences Group W.C.Plaxton, L.Seroude
Coordinator of Graduate Studies R.D.Montgomerie
Director of Biological Station B.L.Tufts
Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Biology Biology Departmental Information
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