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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Computing Computing School Information

Computing School Information
P.Abolmaesumi, S.G.Akl, G.Blohm, D.Blostein, R.A.Browse, J.R.Cordy, R.G.Crawford, R.W.Dawes, T.R.Dean, J.Dingel, R.E.Ellis, G.Fichtinger, S.Fortier, J.I.Glasgow, T.C.N.Graham, M.Greenspan, A.E.Hassan, H.S.Hassanein, D.Kelly, S.Knight, D.A.Lamb, M.Lamb,G.Lessard, T.P.Martin, M.McCollam, A.McLeod, P.Mousavi, D.Rappaport, D.Redfearn, J.Rodger, K.Rudie, K.T.Salomaa, H.Shatkay,D.B.Skillicorn, J.Stewart, R.D.Tennent, N.Troje, R.P.H.Vertegaal, Y.Zou, M.Zulkernine
Departmental Notes
Subject Code for Computer Science CSCI
Subject Code for Computing COMP
Subject Code for Computing and Information Science CISC
World Wide Web Address www.cs.queensu.ca/
Director of the School S.G.Akl
School Office Goodwin Hall, Room 557
School Telephone 613-533-6050
E-Mail Address inquiries@cs.queensu.ca
Chair of Undergraduate Studies R.D.Tennent
Academic Advisers R.A.Browse, R.W.Dawes, A.E.Hassan, M.McCollam,R.D.Tennent
Counsellor for Biomedical Computing R.Ellis
Counsellor for Cognitive Science R.A.Browse
Counsellor for Computing and the Creative Arts R.P.H.Vertegaal
Counsellor for Software DesignJ.Cordy
Chair of Continuing and Distance Studies R.D.Tennent
Adviser to Part-Time Students R.D.Tennent
Chair of Graduate StudiesK.T.Salomaa
Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Computing Computing School Information
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