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2010-2011 Academic Year

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Courses of Instruction
Not all of the courses listed in the Calendar are offered every year. For the most up-to-date information on the availablity of courses offered in the current year, check QCARD or consult with the departmental office.
More detailed descriptions of many Computing courses may be found atthe following web site: http://www.cs.queensu.ca/undergraduate/courseinfo/
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COGS-100*/0.5 Introduction to Cognitive Science 3L
An introduction to the historical and contemporary issues, and research findings of the core cognitive science disciplines including artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. The emphasis will be on the ways that the interactions among these disciplines leads to an enhanced understanding of the processes of intelligence and intelligent systems.
NOTE May not be taken concurrently with or subsequently to either CISC 352* or PSYC 220.
Also offeredas a distance course. Consult Continuing and Distance Studies.
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COGS-201*/0.5 Cognition and Computation 3L;1T
An introduction to the role of computation in theories of the mind and thought. Surveys the major models developed to account for various specific aspects of human cognitive processes. Unitary models of cognitive processes are also examined. PREREQUISITES PSYC 221* or COGS 100* and permission of the School.
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COGS-300*/0.5 Programming Cognitive Models 3L;1T
Systems and techniques for developing computational models of human cognitive processes. Symbolic artificial-intelligence and neural-network approaches. Students will become familiar with the programming language LISP, and use it in implementing some aspects of cognitive models. PREREQUISITES COGS 201* or COGS 200 or PSYC 220; CISC 352* or permission of the School.
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COGS-400*/0.5 Neural and Genetic Cognitive Models 3L
Neural and genetic computational techniques, along with models of human cognition, perception, and memory built on these methods. Problem-solving techniques that have arisen from neural and genetic computation are also studied, including optimization, classification, and data reduction. PREREQUISITE COGS 300*.
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COGS-499*/0.5 Advanced Undergraduate Project 1.5L
Topic selected under the supervision of a member of one of the faculties of CISC, LING, PHIL, PSYC. Emphasis may be on experimental, theoretical, or computer implementation topics. Independent research, an oral presentation, and a written report are required. PREREQUISITE Admission to honours in COGS.
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Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Cognitive Science Courses of Instruction
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