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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Geography Courses of Instruction in the School of Urban and Regional Planning

Courses of Instruction in the School of Urban and Regional Planning
Students with a minimum grade of 80 per cent in GPHY 227* and one of GPHY 332* or GPHY 335* or GPHY 338* or GPHY 352* or GPHY 492* may be allowed (on a competitive basis, normally in their fourth year) to take up to 1.0 credit in the School of Urban and Regional Planning from the following list, as electives in a Geography major or medial program.
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The Department of Geography does not offer all of the courses listed in the Calendar every year. For the most up-to-date information on the availability of courses offered in the current year, check QCARD or consult with the departmental office in room D201 Mackintosh-Corry Hall.

The descriptions below provide a summary statement of course content. Students wishing to know more about the content of specific courses may consult information available in the Departmental Office.

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SURP-844*/0.5 Real Estate Project Planning
The primary focus of this course is on project planning techniques. Real estate serves as the context for learning these skills. Among the topics to be discussed are: methods of real estate market analysis and economic feasibility, concept development and public approval process, social and economic impacts of a project, and project management.
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SURP-851*/0.5 Environmental Policy
This course will examine environmental policies in urban and regional contexts. Tools used by policy makers (e.g. risk assessment and management, quality indices, evaluation, impact assessment, mitigation and compensation) and the constraints they encounter (e.g. uncertainty, legal and administrative constraints and financial costs) will be reviewed. Substantive areas to be examined will be focuses on the relationship between the built environment and the quality of air and water as well as the use of land resources. Specific cases will vary from year to year. The scope of policies and readings will range from local to global; integration will be stressed.
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SURP-853*/0.5 Environmental Services
This course will focus on the relationships between environmental services and quality of life in cities and regions. It includes a critical examination of the development, delivery and evaluation of environmental technologies and services. There is an emphasis on water, open space, and solid waste. Case studies and field trips will supplement a lecture/seminar format.
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SURP-855*/0.5 Environmental Planning and Management
This course examines planning and management issues and tools in environmental services, such as inventory management, needs assessment, demand management, and investment decisions. The emphasis is on planning, management and financing options and their relationship to land use and urban form.
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SURP-870*/0.5 Program Development for Human Services
This course will explore the planning, management and delivery of human services such as health, social assistance, job creation and housing. It will review planning and budgetary processes, institutional arrangements and management practices. The course will emphasize Canadian services but comparative studies of other countries will be encouraged. Alternative means of delivering services will be of particular interest.
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SURP-874*/0.5 Housing Policy
This course assesses housing policy options and the contributions planners can make to the supply of affordable, adequate and appropriate housing. It presents the many factors influencing the housing market and analyzes public and private initiatives affecting the provision of housing. It shows the interdependence between housing and social service planning and analyzes issues regarding the choices among housing and other social policies. Current policies targeted at specific groups in need of assistance will be reviewed.
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Arts and Science Departments, Programs and Courses Geography Courses of Instruction in the School of Urban and Regional Planning
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